Alderman: dog parkers barking up wrong tree

A community group that has been clawing together the necessary elements for a dog park in Edgewater may have to start again from scratch.

That, at least, is what was reported March 1st in the News-Star. According to the story ("Dog Park Shot Down"), condo owners in a building adjacent to the proposed site refused to support the project, causing a chain reaction. First the Association of Sheridan Condo Owners (ASCO), initially neutral, refused to support the project, followed by Alderman Mary Ann Smith.

Smith, who had previously supported the park, is reportedly planning to meet with members of the community, including the Hollywoof action committee, to find a new spot that won't stir up controversy. Greg Harris, Smith's chief of staff, told the News-Star: "The alderman likes to do as much as she can with community consensus."