*Studio Time…in which I venture to the Image Studios for a chat with the Image Revolutionaries*

A couple of months ago I was feeling out of sorts and nasty and decided that my whole problem was that I didn't look the way that I wanted to. It seemed as if I spent all my time running after my career goals, trying to get myself out of trouble, chasing opportunities, and ignoring that fact that I haven't actually shopped for anything I liked in months. (I am not counting the three months that I worked at the GAP. I only shopped there because it was my job, and I took everything back after I got fired, except for that black dress that got stolen at the cleaners.) I looked in my shirt drawer and saw nothing but t-shirts. To make it worse? They were t-shirts with writing on them- something I would never have done had I been living in New York still. I had a whole manifesto about that kind of thing!

Serendipitously, I was frustratedly reading my emails later in the day and came across a mention of the Image Studios on a CHICwit thread. I emailed them and got a reply back, but by then I felt goofy. Make-over? ME? Lame. Besides -- I didn't have any money. But sometimes you can't stop obsessing and months after I initially wrote to her I finally scheduled an appointment with Kristy at the Morgan street studio. She and Robin Raab, who deals primarily with students, talked to me about what The Image Studios really do, and why they are the place to go when you finally decide to be taken seriously. Your image is the way that people see you, and if they see you as a slob or a loser- you might lose out on something you've always wanted.Kristy told me that their ‘Image Revolution' goals a little deeper than just slapping on some makeup and new clothes. It's about creating good grooming habits, cleaning up slangy speech, learning to walk without slouching- and most importantly? Projecting to everyone around you how special you are. They take a holistic approach and ensure that your process will be private and your experience nurturing. It's not like- bad, ugly you! They teach you what is appropriate or inappropriate as well as working with the client's budget to create a look that is acceptable and uniquely them. They show the client what works for them and help people to be more self-sufficient when it comes to making those personal image decisions. I saw the album of a former client while I was there. I could not believe the change. Could not. It was as if a whole new person- a smiling, confident, radiant person, had been created. I want that for myself.Not to sound like I'm selling something, but I think everyone could benefit from this. I just do. If they were evil, or corporate, or just looking to make everyone look alike I'd say so. They are really cool people that I look forward to trusting with my image. They charge $125.00 for a consultation ($65.00 for students) and the company was started by an African American woman who wanted to help others become more successful by teaching them how to adapt to the working environments that they were finding themselves in. By reaching out to students and recent graduates, they are looking to help people transition from the college free for all to a more professional look and hopefully to being hired for well-paying jobs. It's a tough world out there, and there is a LOT of competition. If the world is judging you by your image? Project an image that you would want to be judged by. Check them out for yourself at www.theimagestudios.com.