Wrap It Up's Fashion Roundup! June 2006*

*Last month, to celebrate my 6th month of fashion reportage, I grabbed 3 hot models, paired them with three amazing makeup artists, and dressed them in clothing from the super original designers...Luckily for us I had a little hookup at the gorgeous James Hotel, so we had a fabulous location, too.Cyndi Chan's line, Ori-en, is a blend of east and west that equals perfection! It's all about a girlish inocence with a hint of seduction...Elizabeth McLaughlin is a newcomer with a flair for drama...She can take you into the punkness with her knit mindress, or out for a hot evening at the disco with her simple knit dresses. Should you meet that right man? Well, Liz has got you covered for diner at the Primehouse with her amazing black thai silk two piece suit. This girl is one to watch!Up next is Yuki by Lisa Lee. Chicago is quickly becoming home to America's craftiest with designers like Doublestitch and Dio wielding the crochet needles. Along with them is Lisa Lee- whose eye for color and shape make her a formidable player on the crochet scene. These pieces are great for a summer evening with a slight chill, or that awesome air conditioned restaurant.