Wrap It Up- September 2006* Summer Wrapup, i'm bringing sumer back, yeeuh! (lame, I know...)*

Ok, maybe a cheesy lame title since EVERYbody and their mother is bringin' sexy back, but what the hell- you only live once. Last time around I signed off with 'see you guys next month!' and promptly lost my summertime mind with all the activities that were on offer. So now that it is rainy and dreary and cold, let's go back to those super hot days of July and August. Let's relive those special moments that we shared -- And if you had to work and never got to go anywhere- well, I'm sorry and here's your chance to live vicariously. We're gonna go really quick, because I know you have other things to do AND you want to know what's jumping off right now, in the fall.

Oh! I almost forgot? Last month Jon Ibrahim of Redeye left me a little message! I didn't think it was real, so I found his info on Redeye and emailed him and got a response. I don't know how to feel about it, but it's nice to be noticed, right? And yes, I do think that he is a sex addict.

Moving on!

July Hi-lites:

7/2* First Fridays at the MCA playing photo assistant to the nightlife photographer. Got a sampler cd with Brandi Carlisle (liked it) and some other people.7/14* The Factio party for Duane Cramer at Hotel Allegro. Lots of tasteful black and white nudes, free beer, star stylist Phillip Bloch made an appearance. I got a Bish cd in my goodie bag. Free Peroni beer.

Ran over to Darkwave Disco that same night at Sonotheque just to make sure I was digging that party- and yep, it was hot. Got a free copy of URB magazine- it was their tenth anniversary party.7/16* One Exotic evening at Vermillion. A celebration of fashion as designer Payal Singhal showed off her dazzling designs. Handbag creator Diego Rochas was in evidence, as well as jewelry crafter Cheena Chandra. Loved the spiced sangria --

7/17* Had a photo shoot with mua Beth Follert (last seen doing her thing for Time Out Chicago) and supercute model Emma Shelton (last seen at the Rawk loft in the Glamour show) for Carpal Tunnel. Hot designer Vika Brown loaned me a few pieces and we took it from there. You can see that in the Fashion section of www.carpaltunnelmag.com. My interview with Melissa Turner from the Department of Cultural Affairs ( Chicago's new head fashionista -- ) appears in the same issue.7/18* Helped put together gift bags for Genart's Ignite! event. Went home with 8 bottles of Coke Blak (yummmm) and a pot of that new cellulite cream from Bliss- ‘Fat Girl Slim'? don't know -- I had to stop using it as it was causing some irritation along the untreated edges of my skin in a very sensitive area. Let's just leave it like that, ok? I am still saving my pennies to get one of their foot patrol pedicures, not to mention the hot salt scrub body treatment? But I'm leaving the cellulite cream strictly alone.Also got some Dermalogica skin stuff, and a new David Barton Gym gift certificate- this one had a free trainer session on it. More about that later. I got so much stuff that I couldn't be bothered to go to the party. Besides, I think they are still grudging from that time I lost the clipboard --

7/21* Went to CABERET!!!! It was my first time, and I was excited because it was a Melissa Brown/Hot Fashion Events do. Cabaret is pretty and I liked it. There wasn't a whole lot going on? But the cocktails from Finlandia Vodka were good and I met Valencia Carter, a cute hairstylist from Kiva Salons -- 7/22* Had this feeling that I should be going out, but where was I supposed to be? I felt so restless that I started searching- where was the party? I ended up finding a really neat surpise on Metromix: ‘Cold Hearts', and evening of Icelandic video at Duchess Galery on Grand Avenue. It was insane. Loved? The Outkast cover by My Summer as a Salvation Solider. Hey Ya! indeed -- Also Sigur Rós's Vidrar Vel Til Loftárása.

7/25* Felt all official when I got invited to the press event announcing the Great Performers of Illinois Festival. That happened last week September 6-9th -- yah. Anyways, there were goodies from the Millenium Park Grill ( especially the corn soup garnished with chives and caviar -- creamy, velvety, with that wonderful sweet earthy corn flavor). The edemame tarlets needed to be thrown out, and the pulled pork tartlet was dried out. We got free microwave popcorn, too.Met a cowboy, Randy Erwin, who was nice enough to twirl his ariat just for me. Met Christine Brown, who runes the www.unieros.website. If you're into the multicultural scene, go there and get hooked up.

7/28* Went over to Subterranean for the Pre-Pitchfork party thrown by SOLIDpr's Celeste Tabora. Glad I went, cuz she's moving to LA. Anyways, stayed like 5 minutes and saw art-rock band Voltage.7/29* Went over to Union Park to do my Volunteer shift for Pitchfork. Ran into the gisr from Duches- kat Parker ( I think- or was it Katie Rashid?) who was also volunteering. After getting my t-shirt and all, went and stood over at the Biz 3 tent. That was my ‘post'. Yah. Got to hear Flosstradamus, which I might not have if I weren't standing there being security. Also jazz outfit 8Bold Souls. I also met the Ice Cream Man! As well as the Chi-Town Sirens (http://www.myspace.com/chitownsirens). We got our photo taken at the Ice Cream truck.Got to hang around backstage and drink Fuze fruity stuff the rest of the afternoon. Loved Art Brut, especially when Eddie Argos jumped off the stage and waded through the crowd. Spank Rock was equally crowd friendly in the Biz 3 tent: they jumped up on the speakers and had audience members dancing onstage.Schwag? Free Scion t-shirt and cd, free ‘Staff' t-shirt. Free ‘Art of the Underground' sampler cd (www.artoftheunderground.com), water, ICE CREAM, and Whole Foods snacks, and two Initsuka Tiger t-shirts from Celeste. wanted some sneakers though- I can't lie!

7/30* The VERY next day after all that excitement, I was out in the heat at the Indie Designer's Market taking pictures. That was fun! There was a little windstorm, and people's booths were flying away? But those designers are tough. The majority (including Dolan Geiman, Lara Miller, and Heidi Hess) stayed on and kept selling.The sun came out and me and model Lindsay Pinkston played fashion shoot with Cyndi Chan, CCBELLA, and shoegirl Annie Mohop. Everyone was so helpful and crazy- you can see the photos here on Chitown Daily News, it's my summer fashion roundup.

***********************************************This is just part one, so bear with me a tiny second! We still have August to do! What's to look forward to? Lollapalooza, the Convurge Boat Party, that time I went to the Victor Hotel Lavalife party, what about Unscene at Saltaus? Also, guess who is in the Chicago Art Open!

*Don't forget to sneak a peek at the Wrap It Up Summer Fashion Roundup! Catch it in the ‘big city' section.*Part 2 features what's gonna be happening around town- but get a head start at www.fashionfocuschicago.com...

stay tuned! (this will not take a month...)