Wrap It Up* October 2006

The month started out sweet- literally, since I got an email for a free Oberweiss cone in my mailbox. I ran to print it out and then went to the store on Milwaukee where I had the butter pecan in a sugar cone, mmmmmmmmmmm -- Thanks Hilary! I had plannd to buckle down and study, do a bunch of test shoots, etc. I know that I said I wasn't going out- but fashion shows are like breathing, food, and blood so it didn't count. Besides, Fashion Focus Chicago was back, and so grown up for a two year old! Everywhere I looked old faces were making good on their threats to take over the fashion world. It was great. Really, really great. It's going to sustain me through the long, dark winter ahead. But let's not think of that- right? Let's think about the crowds and the music and how awesome the models looked walking the runway. Let's just remember good things- like Glamorama! Are you ready? I've been dying to tell you all about it --

September rocked it hard:9/17 *Started off by doing a test shoot with ASAP newbie Jason Clark- super tall and super cute. Not often that I get to spend 5 hours shooting hot guys, so I made the most of it! Watch for him -- 9/21* Went to the New City ‘Future of Chicago Fashion Party' at Y Bar . What a trip! It was like old home week with vodka (Yes Vodka to be specific). I saw Heidi Beach, who I knew from Columbia, Cyndi Chan (who is everywhere), Brooke Seldin (ASAP) and hubby Dan Heine, My fave makeup artist Jai Wilson-Tull with partner Chris, and met myspace buddy Tiffany Hardaway of Phizzaz Designs (she just did a special Barbie that was auctioned off at the September 27th Indie Designers market).We were all there to celebrate the new ‘Boutiqueville' issue, with a hot cover featuring local model Cindy Loving and shot by Heidi Beach. New City worked with the Chicago Fashion Foundation to set up the soiree.

9/23* Ran over to meet up with Cherry Chau at Macy's Water Tower Place. She was in fine form showing off her new line inspired by Marie Antoinette. She showed me a delicious fashion spread in Atmosphere magazine, done at Versailles, and featuring her creations. I am loving the marabou feather choker and spider-web like felted wool wraps.Don't forget to stop by and peek at her latest creation- an opera wrap made of gold duchesse satin backed with wool treated to look like horsehair. It would have fit in on the back of Turandot herself in the Lyric's latest production. Cherry was sweet enough to agree to let me borrow stuff for an upcoming project- I am so excited!

That same night I finally met my internet bud Hilary from Rawk!, who was hosting a moving party at her old loft on Carroll Street. I stayed long enough to snap a pic and then ran home.

9/25* OMG! I had the greatest/worst fashion shoot ever. Testing with new model Justyna, who was a joy. I hated the stylist, and the makeup artist. You can't have everything. I think they hated me, too anyways. The pictures are great, though, so go figure.9/26* Got invited to take snaps at World Fashion Chicago, which was a treat. I didn't get any food though cuz I sashayed in late. Oh no, I'm lying! I ended up sitting next to Barbara Glass from NBC 5 and she gave me her chocolate. It was funny! Here was scruffy little me in the front row of the media section courtesy of Cheryl Hughes, who put me in my seat. I was right next to the Sun-Times fashion cadre, and just in front of Barbara Samuels, fashion doyenne at N'Digo and Columbia College. LOL!!!!I loved the show- it was just the right length and amount of drama. Loved James de Colon's flowy showy ball gowns, the Armani's suits, and hometown girl Agga B reppin' for Poland with her hot designs. When I met Mr. de Colon I realized that I had snapped him at a Factio event and mislabeled the photo as one of Phillip Bloch -- um, sorry!

9/28* Got educated at a panel discussion on fashion careers at the Gallery 37 building. Fashion Above & Beyond Design was pretty informative, and it was cool that they had fashion photog David Anthony on the panel. Sometimes they get talking about designers and it's like- what about the creatives that keep the images coming? We're important, too! I mean- yeah, people could just draw their designs, and there are wonderful fashion illustrators? But let's be real -- the fashion shoot is an integral part of the marketing of fashion. Not just the photos, but the networking opportunity.When a photographer assembles a team, it's new people meeting and learning how to work together to create something that will sell garments. I love creating new ones and constantly forcing myself to make work in different ways with them.

Sorry to go off on a tangent, but photographers need love and cash just like everyone else. Especially me, ok? We don't just sell garments- we sell models, makeup artists, stylists, hairstylists, events, etc. I like it when people want to work with me, but sometimes I have that really bad feeling that people just work with me cuz they can get me free or cheap.If someone is retailing satin trenchcoats for like, $350.00 per, why can't they afford to pay for photos? They are going to make that money right back through advertising and sales, plus the photographer will have money to promote themselves and that will mean more sales for the designer. See? I take better photos when I have money to pay support people and such. All I'm saying is, remember that the Neptunes couldn't get paid for a second and then -- Can you say Pharrell?

9/29* This is the day that I have been waiting for for like, three years- GLAMORAMA!!!!!!!!!!I was not going to give up until I got in there. For real. First I started on Melissa Turner and then I went after Andrea Schwartz- I had to go! Well, lucky for me there was some room at the dress rehearsal- so I got to wear my sweats and enjoy a fashion extravaganza before heading over to the opera house for work. Met Bidesnoir editor-in-chief Dana Powell who looked way more glam than I did -- but I think she actually makes money, so. I was so excited to be there- it was my first Glamorama, and I was dying of curiosity.OMG!!!!! It was too hot. From the Brazillian drum troupe that opened the show, to Ozomatli, to the amazing fashions and multi-media presentation, I was in fashion heaven. Best part? There were two men's sections: one mini-show for Moschino and then one for D&G men. Oh boy. I was almost in tears after the D&G segment- the guys were that beautiful. Oh yeah, the clothes were nice,too!Hot spots were the Tuleh smoke and thunder defile with Hitchcockian models wearing Tippi Hedren- inspired bobbed wigs and the most ladylike English tailoring ever. Peter Som turned it out in front of a wall of video screens that reminded me of Toky/Bladerunner. Lolita schoolgirl all the way, with sexily innocent ruffles.I also loved Marc Jacobs' presentation. Against a backdrop of screens shoing David LaChapelle's doc ‘Rize'. Marc's futuristic lady of style wore a soft palette of browns and greys. The overall impression is ‘ready to go anywhere and do anything with ease and grace'. Lots of layering, too. For the men Moschino offered fantasy dressing by doing all the models up as male archetypes. We got Rocky, Beethoven, and a cowboy with a cap gun. Yeehah!

(he actually said that, too!) Funky- but it worked.Why shouldn't men indulge their inner actor? Women do it all the time, right? So if your man is Tyler Durden one day and a sailor in an Irish sweater and peacoat the next -- give him some applause for making life more interesting. D&G had the same message- let him rock those red suspenders. Hell- buy the guy that amazing trench coat! And maybe? He'll get into one of those Wayne Coyne bubbles and dance for you in his tighty whiteys -- Cuz I firmly believe that men are a lot more fun and sexy when they're free. ‘We Love Men' -- .ohhh yess we do. Lol!Was supposed to go to the Vosges chocolate party, but never made it. I am thinking about it now because I got their chocolate catalog in the mail and it has me slavering. I want some Rasta chocolates, too! That'll teach me to pass up free food. Missed out on a Doublestitch show,too -- And that's bad because they used two pictures that I took of model Michelle Skinner for the story on them in Black Hair Sophisticates magazine. It's the November issue with Janet on the cover ( go here: http://www.doublestitchwear.net to check that out) But I'm really just thinking about the Red Stripe and Appleton Estate rum truffles that I missed, and how they might have passed around some of that wattleseed ice cream. I never heard of a wattleseed before? But I want a pint so bad I am practically dribbling right now. Good thing we're done here- I gotta go get some food!

October Events*********************************

10/5-10/19, Chicago Film Festival- granted it started already, but you still have time! Go to www.chicagofilmfestival.org for a rundown of what's left.

10/19-22, MCA*Biggest event in my book is ResFest- partially because I like the people from Res and am looking forward to seeing them again. Partly because they'll be bringing cool shit from all over the world to celebrate their 10th anniversary of making cool available to all that heed the call. But mostly cuz they asked me to be shoot it and I cannot wait. I have been on pins and needles for a year and am dying for it to get here! So make sure you come out to the MCA October 19th- 22nd. Not just for the movies, panels, and afterparties- oh no. Come because I'll take your picture.10/20-11/04 Zhou B. Art Center* the Chicago Art Open is rolling out a fine show this year, curated and culled so that only the finest and fittest survived. Lucky me to be one of them, and a curator's choice pick at that! Try to get out to the opening- it's $20.00, but you spend that on latte's in one day- I have seen you! It will be on 10/20 and will go from 6-11pm. There will be music from Graymail and in true Chicago sprit ( don't stop til you drink it all) there's going to be an after party thrown by DJ Madrid. All that and art, too. Best $20.00 you ever spent, yessir. More deets here: www.caconline.org/ArtOpen.asp10/20- MARIE ANTOINETTE! I am so hoping that I get a chance to see this -- .It looks amazing and fun. Sumptuous. It's ‘The Devil wears Prada', at Versailles -- .Sofia Coppola is a genius.

Anytime* Check out my friend L. Edgar Duff at www.ledgarduff.com! He has been sending me some hot emails about his jewelry since I took a happy snap of him and Shanel regier at Genart's ShopChicago back in March. He has designed for mary J. Blige, and he also does fashion styling. He's a great talent and super sweet! Just wanted to let you guys know -- .

Coming next? I shot two Fashion Roundups for you guys! One for the ladies and one for the men. That's fair, right?

*The fabulous Lindsay Mckay let me shoot at her new boutique on North Avenue, TK Mens (‘wear to get some' and they serve beer if you want it.) I had a blast.*Took a crew over to Wolfbait & B-Girls where we were made to feel right at home. I'm loving Chainsaw more each day -- ;-DThose should be up soon. Until then, go out, have fun, be happy!