CTA to vote on contingency plan implementation

The Chicago Transit Authority is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a budget that will hike some El fares to $3.25, while eliminating 63 bus routes, Purple Line express service and the Yellow Line.

The budget, which will go into effect in September, will also cut 1,024 jobs and double bus transfer prices to 50 cents.

The moves are designed to deal with a shortfall in state funding. The Illinois General Assembly has not yet voted on its budget, and its unclear whether legislators will approve $110 million in CTA funding.

CTA President Ron Huberman said in a press release: "While there is no way to cut nearly $100 million from our budget without impacting riders, this plan is the least drastic of the options available to us," said Huberman.


CHUCK, 08-08-2007

As of today, August 8, impeding cuts and fare increases are reported to be less severe than reported here. 39 bus routes are to be eliminated and the highest fares paid by riders will be $3.00 on trains during rush hour. Though this is a little easier to take than the numbers in this report, it may provide our do nothing elected officials an excuse to continue allowing Chicago area transit to continue in its seemingly never ending downward spiral.

AARON VALLES, 08-13-2007

You know this shit might be a little easier to swallow if my city wasn't being bombarded by these gaudy wastes of space somebody decided to call art. These things are supposed to attract tourists and now with these budget cuts whose gonna waste two and a half hours on fucking bus to see 9 ft tall torsos, big faces of people nobody knows or cares about and a fucking bean. Oh yes, the BEAN! What's that they say about putting syrup on shit?