Man killed over video game

What began as an argument over an arcade game ended in a fatal stabbing outside a South Side bar, police said today.

The incident began on Friday night when 59-year-old Angel Ramirez began arguing with Jerzy Rapacz, 37, about a video bowling game, authorities said.

The argument heated up, and Ramirez allegedly flashed a knife.

Fellow patrons were unsettled by the weapon, and one reported the incident to the bartender, who threw Ramirez out of the bar, the Double "T," at 5624 S. Pulaski Rd., prosecutors said.

Outside, the fight continued, and Ramirez stabbed Rapacz twice in the abdomen, prosecutors said.

According to police, a witness followed the men outside and tried to keep Ramirez from further assaulting Rapacz. Ramirez slashed the witness with the knife and ran off.

The witness followed, and soon police, directed by customers, arrived and took Ramirez into custody.

The witness received minor injuries. Rapacz later died at a hospital.

"It's a huge loss for us here," said bartender Rene Las. "I've known him more years than I can count. He was always there for you."

Ramirez, she said, "kept to himself."

Ramirez's bond was set at $600,000, a prosecutor said.