Police fatally wound South Side man during confrontation

A Chicago police officer fatally shot a man running at him with a drawn gun, police said today.

A police spokesman gave the following account of the incident:

Shortly after midnight last night, two plainclothes police officers driving westbound on 82nd street observed Johnny Goodwin walking down the street with something tucked in his waistband.

Goodwin fled when he saw the officers, who followed him into an alley and pursued him on foot. Goodwin eluded the officers by hiding in the stairwell of a house on the 8100 block of South Morgan Street, where one of the officers eventually found him with a gun in his hand.

The officer told Goodwin to drop the weapon. Instead Goodwin began running toward the officer with his gun pointed at him.

The officer fired at Goodwin, killing him.

Police released no other details about the incident. The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said an autopsy had not yet been completed on Goodwin's body.