Traffic, arson top CAPS concerns in Portage Park

Police in beat 1622 told Portage Park residents at a meeting on Wednesday that no arrests had been made in the string of trash can arson fires that continues in the area. Community organizer John Eischen reminded attendees to warn neighbors about the problem, saying that if their neighbor's garage burned down, they wouldn't want to be thinking "I wish I would have said something."

Police also said that they are patrolling to reduce stop sign violations at Avondale and Austin and are issuing tickets to discourage overnight truck parking on Northwest Highway.

One resident reported apparent drug sales in the alley behind the 4500 block of north Marmora. "We started witnessing the drug buys" she said. She also said the apparent drug buyers would drive away through an area where children frequently played.

Other concerns raised by residents included drivers running stop signs at Sunnyside and Marmora, people occupying the basement of an abandoned house in the 4500 block of north Mason, and two females engaged in "inappropriate behavior" in the back seat of a car across the street from Prussing Elementary School.


??K???, 10-14-2007

Is this in portage park elementary school???on berteau??