Break-ins plague 17th district

Frequent home break-ins, loose dogs and stolen yard tools were among the top concerns of residents who attended a recent 17th district community policy meeting.

One resident who attended the meeting, held at the Kilbourn Park field house, said that in the area of North Kenneth  Avenue and Irving Park Road, burglars have been knocking on doors, then breaking in if there is no answer. 

Another resident of the district, which runs between Cicero Avenue and the river on the city's north side, raised the issue of unleashed dogs, which she said sometimes chase small children playing in their front yards. Officers told her to call animal control, even if the dog is loose from a fenced yard or wearing a collar and tag.

Erick Jackson told police that lawn decorations have been been repeatedly stolen from his yard. He said that over the past four weeks a garden hose, a flamingo statue and a garden gnome have all been stolen. The officers told him to file a police report and to be careful what he puts on his lawn.