Teen denied bail in Hyde Park robberies

A Cook County judge denied bail Friday for a teen  charged in a string of violent Hyde Park robberies.

Demetrius Warren, 17, of the 5800 block of South Michigan Avenue was charged with two separate robberies of university students and the attempted shooting and robbery of a University of Chicago staff member.

Demetrius Warren

One of the Nov. 19 robberies ended in the shooting death of U of C student Amadou Cisse, 28.

While Warren has not been charged in the shooting of Cisse, Cook County Judge Israel Desierto denied bail to Warren, ruling he posed a threat to the public.

Warren turned himself into police after speaking to his probation officer, Michael Mohammad, who urged Warren to turn himself in.

Warren admitted to police on videotape he was involved in the robberies that took place that night, authorities said.

According to Warren's lawyer, Sandra Bennewitz, Warren asked for a lawyer at least ten times before giving up his confession.

"[Warren] kept asking for a lawyer and a phone call again and again but the police were not giving him one," Bennewitz said.

Bennewitz said she received this information by going over video surveillance transcripts.

Eric Walker, 16, was also charged Wednesday in connection with Cisse's death as well as the other violent robberies.

According to court documents Walker admitted to police he came up with the idea of the attacks and was the driver of the car.

Police have said they hope to bring charges against at least one other person in the robberies.


COPY EDITOR, 12-02-2007

Good story, but did you mean probation officer instead of "prohibition" officer?