Police investigating string of Andersonville car break-ins

Eleven burglaries and twenty counts of criminal damage to property were reported from October to December in Beat 2013, which covers part of Andersonville, according to Officer Cathy Battaglia.

The burglaries were primarily from automobiles and garages in commercial areas. In most cases of theft from garages, victims were reported to not have locked their doors.

The Chicago Police strongly suggest placing bags and packages out of vision from windows and in the trunks of cars, as well as parking in well-lit areas. "It doesn't have to be a nice package," Officer Battaglia added, speaking at a CAPS meeting at Philadelphia Church this week. "Some people will break your window for 50 cents."

Police say theft from retail businesses in the 5200-5600 blocks of N. Clark Street has gone up considerably due to the inclement weather of the season. Big coats, large bags, and umbrellas have enabled shoplifters to hide goods easier. "No one has the holiday spirit," commented community member Steve Simons.

Officers at the meeting also warned of reported muggings east of Broadway, though they could offer little information about the appearance of the attackers.

Beat 2013 is bordered by Clark, Broadway, Elmdale and Foster.