Two beaten in separate Irving Park attacks

Two people have been beaten recently in separate late-night incidents in the Irving Park neighborhood, police say.

In the first attack, which happened Jan. 24 at 11 p.m.,  an 18-year-old boy was walking to a convenience store at 3401 W. Irving Park when a group of three or four men approached and began beating him with their fists and a baseball bat, police said.

Nothing was taken from the boy, who was treated at Swedish Convent Hospital for a deep laceration in the back of the his head.

The second incident occurred at 1:30 a.m. Sunday as a 21-year-old man walked through an alley at 4436 N. Christina. A group of four men approached him and began punching him in the head and face, police said.

As the victim went down to the ground the men continued to beat him, and also rifled his pockets. The group eventually ran from the scene without taking anything.

The man went home, where he called the police and an ambulance.  He was treated at Swedish Convent Hospital for lacerations and a broken nose.

Both victims described their attackers to police the same way; Hispanic men, in their early 20s or late teens who were wearing dark clothing.

Police said they are uncertain if the two attacks are related.