Bike safety ordinance passes

Motorists will be slapped with up to $500 in fines under a new bike safety ordinance passed today by the Chicago city council.

The new ordinance targets motorists who endanger the city's bicyclists. It establishes fines for turning left or right in front of a bicyclist, for passing a bicyclist with less than three feet of space, for opening a door into a bike's path or for driving, standing or parking in a bicycle lane or a marked shared lane.

"We are committed to making Chicago the most bicycle-friendly city in the country and safety is a vital component of that effort," said Chicago Mayor Richard Daley Wednesday.

Each violation carries a minimum fine of $150.

The mayor also called on Chicago cyclists to take responsibility for their own safety. "You better believe it," he said, when asked if bicyclists shared some of the responsibility. "That stop sign, that red light, turning in front of a car, that's all very important," he said.