Edgewater residents get tips on avoiding identity theft

Twenty-four thefts and 18 counts of battery were reported since January on beat 2023 in the Edgewater neighborhood, according to the Chicago Police Department.

The thefts, which resulted in 14 arrests, occurred primarily from grocery stores and automobiles.

Residents who attended the neighborhood CAPS meeting at the Kenmore Plaza Wednesday were advised not to leave valuables in sight in their cars.

The meeting featured Officer Ronald Rufo from the Preventative Programs Department, who spoke about identity theft.

"Identity theft is skyrocketing. It has the highest crime rate of any crime we have right now. The rate has quadrupled each quarter," Rufo said. Rufo suggested keeping all documents that contain social security numbers in a safe place inside the home.

Rufo also advised residents to avoid giving out personal information over the telephone, and to shred documents  containing personal information.

Topics for the next meeting include safe traveling tips for the upcoming warm weather. Beat 2023 is bordered by Clark, Bryn Mawr, Broadway and Foster.