Mobile Billboard Ban Delayed

City council members won’t be discussing the last month’s proposal to ban on mobile billboards this week.

Alderman Bob Fioretti sponsored the ordinance, which would slap a $5,000 per day fine on the vehicles for operating within city limits.

Fioretti’s staff says they’re not taking the ban off the table.

“With 3,500 phone calls a month, we just need more time,” Chris Karabis, the Alderman’s chief of staff, said yesterday.

Fioretti introduced the proposal at last month’s city council meeting. It was then referred to the Committee on License and Consumer Protection and set to be discussed at their meeting Wednesday.

Karabis says their office hopes to ready by the committee’s next meeting, likely to be set for sometime in late October or early November.

Alderman Gene Schulter, the committee’s chair, also signed on to the ordinance.

Karabis says they hope to get experts to testify on the environmental impact of the billboards. Fioretti says the vehicles distract drivers, cause traffic congestion and contribute to global warming.

Brian Younker, who runs Younker media, one of the city’s mobile billboard service companies, says he’s working to stop the ban and will be at the committee meeting.


Younker says he and his employees have called their own aldermen to complain about the ordinance. He's also trying to get the word out, clarifying what he says is some misinformation surrounding his business, including the emissions standards and safety records of his vehicles and drivers. 


The ordinance exempts public transportation and taxi cabs.