"Another black man on the street"

While thousands pass by him, Johnny Walker Jr. sits shaking a tattered Dunkin Doughnuts coffee cup asking for what he calls a "blessing."

No one makes eye contact or even talks to Walker, they simply look on. Some drop change in his styrofoam cup, others ask him to pose for a dollar.

"They can't even say no," Walker said while chewing on a toothpick. " I don't exist, I'm a ghost."

Although Walker voted for Obama, he thinks that little will change with an Obama presidency.

“The greatest subject that’s not a subject in a political campaign is how are you going to help the homeless and the poor,” said Walker. “The proof is in the pudding, look at all these people putting nothing in my cup.”

There is no doubt that with an African-American as president-elect, many feel a new page has been turned on the subject of race. Obama earned his place in the highest office in the land by enlisting supporters from every ethnic group. His success has given many hope in a new era of American racial equality.

However for some, like Walker, there is little that has changed.

“Tomorrow is just another day on the street,” said Walker. “Tomorrow ain’t going to make no difference if you a black man on the street. Tomorrow I’m still going to be another black man on the street. Ain’t nobody care.”