Attorney General investigates problems at some polling places

The Illinois Attorney General's Office is dealing with problems at city polling places this Election Day. 

Natalie Bauer, spokesperson for Attorney General Lisa Madigan, says the problems so far have been few and include late opening polls, supply problems and equipment malfunctions.

She says concerned citizens and poll workers called in the complaints.

"We're working with individual sites to make sure they are open and people are able to vote," says Bauer. "We're also helping to ensure that supplies get there and equipment malfunctions are solved."

Late-opening polls will be kept open past 7 p.m. to ensure that voters have 13 hours to vote.

Bauer also stressed that anyone still in line when the polls close have a legal right to cast their ballot.

Madigan has 125 teams of assistant attorneys generals and staff throughout the city, observing poll places and investigating claims of voter fraud irregularities.

"We're here voters if the need may arise," Bauer says.

Madigan urges voters who encounter problems to call her office's election hotline: (866) 536-3496.