Union eyes Megabus workers

A transportation workers' union is seeking to represent more than 100 workers of Chicago-based CoachUSA budget bus subsidiary Megabus.com, according to an application filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

Charles Lester, a representative for the Amalgamated Transit Union, recently filed an application seeking to organize 120 drivers, operators, loaders and dispatchers for Megabus.com.

Neither Lester, nor Anthony George, listed in the application as the bus company's contact, returned multiple calls seeking comment yesterday.

The union's application means that a substantial number of workers want to be represented.

Megabus.com connects 17 cities in the Midwest and offers fares between $1 to about $30, with cheaper tickets available to the earliest bookers.

Unlike Greyhound Lines Inc., which also operates in Chicago, Megabus.com does not have a station and boards riders on S. Canal Street one block south of Union Station.

Update: Dale Moser, president and CEO of CoachUSA, says he heard early this month from the NLRB that the union had withdrawn its request to organize Megabus.

He says he believes the company's employees felt they didn't need the support of the union.

"The union must have recognized the same thing," Moser says.

Gail Moran, assistant to the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board office in Chicago, says the union voluntarily withdrew its application to represent CoachUSA's workers Mar. 5.


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VINCE OFFER, 03-30-2009

It seems the employees of Megabus decided they didn't need their company destroyed to. Score 1 for common sense.


130 employees? Not much bargaining power in that. Megabus wins this one.