Public housing residents to elect new leaders

Public housing residents will cast their ballots tomorrow for the local leaders that will represent them in the Local Advisory Council elections.

Fifteen family developments and 38 senior buildings will each elect the council, which consists of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

The councils are elected every three years. The LAC president becomes a part of the Central Advisory Council, the central body of public housing representatives for the city that makes recommendations to the Chicago Housing Authority and hears resident complaints.

Elections will take place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow at each building or complex or nearby site, and results will be posted the same evening. The results are then sent to CHA to be certified and will be officially announced April 10.

Mixed-income developments are not included in the elections. As of 2008, CHA disbanded local, on-site councils at new mixed-income communities, instead creating an ombudsman to deal with resident complaints.

The elections are being run by Alexis-Bivens, Ltd., a consulting firm. In order to run, candidates must live in the housing development they wish to represent and must be in good standing as a leaseholder. Residents who are older than age 18 and are either the designated heads of household or are on the lease for their unit can vote in the elections.

Staff Writer Megan Cottrell covers public housing for the Daily News. She can be reached at 773-362-5002, ext. 12, or megan [at] chitowndailynews [dot] org.