Preliminary results in for public housing elections

After nearly a week of waiting, results from last week's local advisory council elections have now been released.

Candidates can still challenge election results in the next few days, and final results should be out by the end of the week, says Robert Whitfield, attorney for the Central Advisory Council.

Whitfield says he still hasn't determined just what held up the results, but he suspects it may have been problems at polling places.

"I won't know until I look into that further," says Whitfield, "We haven't been flooded with complaints."

Candidates who want to contest the results have to submit a form to Alexis Bivens Ltd., the company contracted by the CAC to run the election, by Wednesday. In those instances, an attorney at Alexis Bivens will hold a hearing to determine the final winner.

Whitfield says he's heard challenges may come from Lathrop Homes, Cabrini-Green and Altgeld, but he hasn't seen a final list. Sandra Bivens, president of Alexis-Bivens, says she's received three challenges so far, but could not give names of developments.

Carol Steele, preliminary winner at Cabrini-Green, says she hasn't heard of any challenges to her or any of the other candidates. According to the preliminary results, with 123 votes, Steele beat her opponents Wylodine Hampton and Kenneth Hammond by 47 and 80 votes respectively.

Juanita Stevenson plans to contest results at Lathrop Homes, where candidate Robert Davidson beat her by only 22 votes. Stevenson says she's heard stories about ballots being improperly voided or thrown away at Lathrop's election site.

"I've got residents calling me, asking me what happened," says Stevenson. "They're saying they voted for me, but they're wondering why I didn't win."

Stevenson says she's particularly suspicious about the results because the rest of her slate was elected, even though she lost.

Whitfield says that it appears any problems with the election procedures were minor and occur in most elections.

"Even in some mayoral and presidential elections, there's always going to be problems at polling places," Whitfield.

Preliminary results for CHA's family developments are as follows:

President - Deverra Beverly
Vice President - Annie Davis
Treasurer - Justean Gaines
Secretary - Loretta Mason

Altgeld-Murray Homes:
President - Bernadette Williams   
Vice President - Barbara Brandon-Lawrence   
Treasurer - Gayle Reed   
Secretary -Deborah Hollins

Cabrini-Green Homes:
President - Carol Steele   
Vice President - Maurice Edwards   
Treasurer - Ariestede Steele   
Secretary - Lena Wells

Dearborn Homes:
President - Theresa Ricks       
Treasurer - Jeanette Wallace

Henry Horner (Westhaven):
President - Crystal Palmer   
Vice President - Florence Wright   
Treasurer - Susan Sago   
Secretary - Keith Jackson

Harold Ickes Homes:
President - Gloria Williams   
Vice President - Martha Ann Norris   
Treasurer - Barbara Southall   
Secretary - Rhonda Ludy

Lathrop Homes:
President - Robert Davidson   
Vice President - Vanessa Evans   
Treasurer - Mildred Pagan   
Secretary - Sandra Cornwell

Lawndale Gardens:
Vice President - Charlette Thompson   
Treasurer - Bridget Remond

LeClaire Courts:
President - Natalie Saffold       
Treasurer -May June Powell

North East Scattered Sites:
President - Willie Burrell   
Vice President - Maria Sopena

North Lawndale/Scattered Sites West:
President:Tracey Champion   
Vice President: Mary Garmon   
Treasurer: Dorothy Grant   
Secretary: Charmeita Witherspoon

Trumbull Park/Lowden Homes:
President - Myra King   
Vice President - Ethel Norman       
Secretary - JuWann Jackson

Washington Park/Scattered Sites East:
President - Francine Washington   
Vice President - Darlene Day   
Treasurer - Betty Thompson   
Secretary - Lucille Washington

Wentworth Gardens:
President - Beatrice Harris   
Vice President - Emma Davis   
Treasurer - Claudia Elliot   
Secretary - Hallie Amey

Staff Writer Megan Cottrell covers public housing for the Daily News. She can be reached at 773-362-5002, ext. 12, or megan [at] chitowndailynews [dot] org.