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Rivera a Bear no more

The Bears were 15-4 with Rex Grossman as their starting quarterback.  Good enough... he's our man.

The Bears were 15-4 with Ron Rivera leading their defense.  Unacceptable... pack your bags, Ron.'
Feel free to discuss this interesting decision amongst yourselves.

Tag, You're It!

The Chicago Bears took care of their most important off-season issue on Friday by securing the services of linebacker Lance Briggs for the 2007 season.  The Bears placed the “franchise” tag on the star linebacker, who made 134 tackles in 2006 and was an integral part of one of the league’s best defensive units.  The swift resolution of this situation indicates that the Bears realize just how important Lance Briggs is to the present and future of the Chicago Bears franchise.  This is the first time in team history that the Bears have used the...more

Moving Forward

There is no doubt that our Bears had a great season, a season that exceeded even the highest expectations in almost every way. But a Chicago sports fan is never satisfied… and there is no doubt that this city will be hungry for nothing less than a championship when next season rolls around. If the Bears want to be back in the XLII mix, they have some serious issues to address.

The most pressing issues for the Bears in their quest to return to the Super Bowl are…

*Signing Lance Briggs-

And the winner is...

Before this trying football season began (about 50 fumbled snaps ago), I opened up a contest where participants predicted the Bears record for the 2006 season (with the tie-breaker determined by how far our boys went in the playoffs). While it pains me to report the fact that the Bears didn’t win it all, I am happy to announce that Daily News reader Sean McGivern won this season’s contest.

Before one down was played in 2006, Mr. McGivern said that the Bears would go 12-4 and lose the Super Bowl. Not too shabby, huh? A...more

Sloppy Bowl XLI

It wasn’t the rain that killed the Chicago Bears’ hopes to win the Super Bowl. It wasn’t the pressure that did the job either. It wasn’t Peyton Manning, Rex’s inexperience, Cedric’s injury, all of the fumbles, or the interceptions, or even the bad tackling that struck the critical blow.

What killed the 2006 Bears was all of that stuff and more rolled up into a foul tasting football shaped burrito that was Super Bowl XLI, and we’ll all be tasting that stinker for years to come.

As good as the 2006 season was...more

Let's get it on

As a wannabe sportswriter, I know I am not supposed to say this, but I have had enough of all of the build-up and hype that goes along with the Super Bowl. There is only so much pageantry, so many repetitive interviews, so much meaningless commentary, and so many pointless predictions that a guy can take.

At some point, enough is enough.

I don’t care one bit what Marv Levy, Mike Downey, Jay Mariotti or Mike Maguire has to say anymore. The wait for the Super Bowl when the Seahawks play the...more

Bear Droppings; the Final Push

*Lovie Smith is the lowest paid head coach in the NFL. In fact, Smith makes less money than a good handful of NFL assistant coaches. Win lose or draw on Sunday, it’s time for Lovie to get a big raise.

*As Super Bowl week has ramped up, so have some of the frustrations, tongues and even tempers of the Chicago Bears. Trash talking has started to fly people… at least 2006 Bears style anyway. Rex has finally had enough with the press, Tommie Harris is predicting a win from the sidelines, and ...more

Get Fired Up

I didn't think it was possible to get more fired up about the Bears than I already was, but this video circulating on YouTube got my blood pumping.


Bear Droppings; Super Bowl Edition

*With the Bears and Colts set to meet in Super Bowl XLI, America is ramping up to watch just the 3rd All-Midwestern Super Bowl in NFL history. Believe it or not, two football teams from the Midwest area haven’t met in a Super Bowl since the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV (1970). The only other Midwestern Super Bowl in NFL history came when the Packers beat the Chiefs in Super Bowl I.

The Super Bowl is always a global force, but it will...more

Happy Media Day Kids

Ah, Media Day; traditionally one of the most fun days of the Super Bowl’s annual frenzy that precedes the actual football game. Media Day is basically a time for thousands of sportswriters to bombard questions at anyone who will listen to them in hopes that someone will say something stupid and give them something to write about. When people are fishing for controversial answers, some of the questions can get down right goofy... not to mention entertaining to football junkies. On Tuesday, some of the hard hitting issues breeched included the topic of...more

Meet the Colts

Colts offensive rank: 3rd --- Bears 15th

Colts defensive rank: 21st --- Bears 6th

Colts points scored per game: 3rd (26.7) --- Bears 2nd (26.7)

Colts points allowed per game: 23rd (22.5) --- Bears 3rd (15.9)
(*stats are from regular season only)

All Time Series:
The Colts have won 22 games against the Chicago Bears since their first showdown in 1953; the Bears have won 17 games during that span… including four of the last five. The Bears haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 1986....more

Bear Bites

*On this date in 1986, the Chicago Bears won their first Super Bowl title. Anyone else ready for another?

*For the Onion's take on the Bears run to the Super Bowl... a little more fuel for the great fire, if you will... click here.

Tank Rolls Toward Miami

So, Tank Johnson will be joining the Bears in Miami at the Super Bowl.  Perhaps this is just another case of jock-justice here, but this trip to Miami might be just what the Tank Johnson-Chicago Bears relationship needs.  If Tank can keep his nose clean during a Super Bowl week in Miami, it might be reasonable to believe that he is trying to turn his life around.

If he fucks-up in Miami, the Bears decision on Tank’s future will practically be made for them.  In short, Johnson’s actions over the next two weeks are...more

Super Bears

The Chicago Bears are going to the Super Bowl. Nothing else I could write could possibly have more impact than that statement, so I’ll say it again. The Chicago Bears are going to the Super Bowl.

The Bears 39-14 victory over the Saints was a closer game than the final score indicated for most of the way on Sunday. 21 forth quarter points helped the Bears burry the Saints, but rest assured, Sunday’s NFC Championship game had it’s share of heart stopping moments.

It took contributions from all departments of...more

Singletary Shuffle

Need a bit of a tension breaker before the kick?  Check this out.