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Silver Lining is Pretty Thin

Like all Bears fans, I remain stunned by the way that the 2009 football season kicked off.  Putting an ugly football game behind you is one thing, but coming to terms with losing Brian Urlacher is an entirely different beast.  Trying to find the bright side of Urlacher’s season ending wrist injury feels a bit like taking pride in telling a good joke at a funeral… but here we are.

If there is a silver lining to losing Urlacher, it will not be found in resurrecting the career of Derrick Brooks (or anyone else off of the NFL scrap heap). ...more

Chicago Cutlery

The last time I wrote about our Chicago Bears for the Daily News, I sung the praises of a young Sid Luckman who thrilled the nation with his T-formation on the way to championship glory.  For the first time since Luckman dominated the 1940’s, Bears’ fans have something to get truly excited about regarding the quarterback position.  In trading for Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears have themselves a state of the art quarterback for the first time since World War II.   It’s an odd feeling to be drooling about football ten minutes away from Major...more

A Blessing in Disguise?

In 2006, the presence of Devin Hester turned the Chicago Bears from a decent football team into a Super Bowl contender. In 2007, the Hester advantage makes the Bears a mediocre football team instead of a bottom feeder (and that's not quite as much fun). Hester has now bailed out his squad twice this season, and the painful fact of the matter is that the Bears would only have 3 wins on the board if not for the skills of their heart stopping return specialist. In short, it is a miracle that the Bears are alive...more

A head-scratching day in Seattle

I'm sure I'm not the only person with a million questions on his mind after the Bears 30-23 week 11 loss in Seattle.

Let's dive right in with the many questions surrounding the disappearing act of Cedric Benson. 11 carries for 89 yards? How can you justify handing the ball to Benson just 7 times after his dominant first quarter? Was Ron Turner in the crapper for Cedric's first two rushes?

It's pretty rare in sports when you see a team avoid a player with the 'hot-hand'… it just...more

Emotional Rex-cue

What can I say… I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Our Chicago Bears sure orchestrated a happy ending in their 17-6 victory over the Raiders on Sunday, perhaps an ending compelling enough to force the casual Bears fan to check out next Sunday's edition and see where this story goes. Had the Bears finished their game against the Raiders the way they started it, it's safe to say that the book on the 2007 Chicago Bears would've been closed.

The truth of the matter is that Sunday's Rex Grossman led fairly tale ending...more

For the Love of Cedric... It's Time to Air it Out

In Thursday's Chicago Tribune, Bears writer David Haugh wrote an article that called for the Bears to continue their evolution into a passing team. While Lovie might not love the idea of his Chicago Bears becoming an aerial circus, opening up their attack in the first half may be exactly what the Bears need… in more ways than one.

"…if the Bears insist on sticking to the mantra of getting off the bus running the ball," wrote Haugh, "they will be running in place in the race to the playoffs." Citing the glaring lack of a...more

Bearing Down

Heading into their week 5 battle in Green Bay, the Chicago Bears had taken possession of the football 52 times in the 2007 season. Of those 52 offensive possessions, the Bears had committed 14 turnovers and gone 3-and-out 10 times. In short, the Chicago Bears had either coughed up the football or gone nowhere on 46% of their offensive possessions. Considering the offensive output from the first quarter of the Bears season, the 27 points that the Bears posted (20 second half) against a strong Packers defense on Sunday night could be considered an explosion.


Primetime Disapointment

My only positive thought after the Bears primetime meltdown against the Cowboys… the Chicago Cubs have a 3 ½ game lead with 6 to play.  If the Bears don’t consider this Monday morning rock bottom, they are kidding themselves.


Something needs to be done.  Perhaps it’s time for Steve Trachsel to get a start, I don’t know.   You have to wonder… if the Bears don’t shake things up now, will they...more

Dallas Cowboys Preview - Giddy Up

Cowboys 2007 Record: 2-0
(2006 9-7, fumbled chance to beat Seahawks in NFC Wild Card Game)

Cowboys Offensive Rank: 4th --- Bears 30th
(2006 5th --- Bears 15th)

Cowboys Defensive Rank: 26th --- Bears 5th
(2006 13th --- Bears 6th)

Cowboys PPG For/Against: 41.0/27.5 --- Bears 11.5/12.0

All Time Series:
The Bears/Cowboys rivalry predates the Beatles invasion of American. Since their first game in 1960, the Bears trail the all time series 8 wins to 12.

Last Meeting:
The Cowboys won 21-7 on Thanksgiving Day, 2004 in Texas...more

Winning Ugly

Just where would the Chicago Bears be without the unique skills of Devin Hester?

They just might be sitting at 0-2 on the young season, living in a world where they would have to walk to work through lines of picketers hoisting signs calling for a change at QB. Though the electrifying returns of Devin Hester helped the Bears escape their home opener with a much needed win, even Hester's heroics...more

Moving on to Week 2

Just out of curiosity… are the Bears playing the San Diego Chargers again this week?  With all of the trash talk flying around it certainly seems like the Bears and the Chargers can’t stop thinking about each other.  For what it’s worth, I would like to start thinking about the Kansas City Chiefs… a team that is capable of winning in Soldier Field if the Bears don’t pay attention to them.


4 Turnovers, 3 Points, and another Brown-Out

The title of this article says it all; the Chicago Bears opened the 2007 campaign by coughing up the football more times (4) than the total number of points they scored (3) against the Chargers.  To add insult to injury, the Bears also may have lost Mike Brown for the season to yet another leg injury.  As far as opening day ceremonies are concerned, the Bears celebration didn’t last very long.


With expectations...more

Crash and Learn

The days between Lance Briggs' appearance in Super Bowl XLI and opening day 2007 have been filled to the brim with quality lessons for kids of all ages in the Chicagoland area and beyond. During his holdout, Lance showed our children that if you don't like the rules of the game you've agreed to play, you should just pick up your ball and go home. After the way he has handled this week's automotive incident, Briggs has shown our shorties that if an accident does occur, fleeing the scene, lying and covering your tracks are acceptable options...more

7 Dudes to Watch Saturday Night

Just in case you are not in football game shape yet, here is your friendly reminder that the Chicago Bears kick off their pre-season schedule with a game against the Texans in Houston @ 7:00pm on Saturday night. Though the Bears are once again returning a heap of starters, keep an eye on the following new faces on Saturday in Houston. If these new guys can step up and deliver, 2007 could be even more fun than 2006.

1) Garrett Wolfe - The Bears have drawn some criticism for spending a third round pick on the...more

Camp Lovie-Bear, Darwin Walker, and More

From everything I've heard concerning the early stages of life in Bourbonnais, the Bears offense hasn't had much trouble moving the ball against the team's vaunted defense. Devin Hester has been electrifying, Rookie Greg Olsen seems to be as good as advertised, and Cedric Benson's performance has kept the chatter about Thomas Jones to a low roar.

While it's always nice to hear about the Chicago Bears moving the football… I'm not sure if I should be overly excited about the Bears offense or concerned about the defense.


Much like Tank Johnson's...more