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Teammates Riding Derrick Rose's Back

Derrick Rose has a sore back, which is what happens when you have to carry the entire team on your back EVERY DAMN NIGHT.

Separated At Birth?

Mr. Pringles, meet Mr. D'Antoni.


Mr. Smith Returns to the Bulls(.com)

Former Tribune writer and critic of bloggers, Sam Smith, has resurfaced as a writer for Bulls.com.  He basically offers up the same concocted trade scenarios, goes through his mailbag, and continously complains about Tyrus Thomas. 

For general league news and rumors, Smith is great.  But I'd just as soon purchase a wrist cutting knife than read through another Smith editorializing about how the Bulls should have drafted so-and-so...

However, someone over at Bulls.com must agree that plenty of Smith's stuff is an unedited, steaming pile.  Every article by old man Sammy gets...more

Bulls Season Storylines

Beyond watching the progression of Derrick Rose, several other story lines for the Bulls should emerge this season: 

How about an All Star player this year?

It's been NINE years since a Chicago Bull played in an NBA All-Star game.  That player was Michael Jordan.  That stat alone should tell you how the team's been doing for the last decade.

Will Paxson finally make the "package of youth" for a proven All-Star trade?

The Bulls need to clear up the logjam in the backcourt and find a legitimate All-Star.  If one doesn't emerge from within the roster, then it's time to go find...more

Scott Skiles Annoints Derrick Rose A Star

For a coach who tosses compliments around like manhole covers, it was pleasant to hear Scott Skiles give his thoughts on Derrick Rose.

"The guy's a star.  He's beyond quick and fast, and he's so powerful. He can go to the rim and finish. He has unique shots in the paint that he makes — floaters, runners. And that doesn't even mention that he sees the floor and passes the ball. He's going to be very hard to handle."

Sadly, Skiles never had the opportunity to use the word "star" to categorize any of...more

Solving the Bulls Back Court

The consensus opinion is that the Bulls will use the preseason to determine their back court rotation.  Unless coach Vinnie Del Negro employs a 4-guard offense, there won't be enough minutes for the abundance of guards currently on the roster (Rose, Hinrich, Gordon, Sefolosha, and Hughes).  Someone is going to lose major minutes and someone else is headed for the trading block.

But screw the preseason.  After two games, we've seen enough.  This is at best a .500 ball club, so it's time to employ the playground pickup strategy:


Another Bulls Season, Another Long Winter?

It’s been a while, amigos.  We’re talking correspondence levels of Jim Anchower proportions.   Did I miss anything?  Besides an epic collapse in Cubbie land and the inevitable playoff ouster of the Sox, is it really that tough being a Chicago sports fan? 

Well, put down the torches and pitchforks fellow natives because another glorious season of Bulls basketball is upon us!  Compared to the 162 baseball games played this year by  the Cubs and Sox, respectively,  it will only take the Bulls 82 games before ripping your heart out and handing it to you.

When we...more

Rose vs. Beasley: It's Never Too Early

For those of us who can't get enough NBA basketball, the Orlando Summer league kicks off today. Few, if any, of these games will be televised, but an online video stream available from the Orlando Magic website.

Today, we get an early glimpse of Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley as the Bulls play the Miami Heat this evening. Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah also join the Bulls squad, so there should be a steady stream of dunks from these two, assisted by Mr. Rose.

Tyson Goes to China

Boy, wouldn't it be great if the Bulls had someone on their roster capable of being named to the Olympic squad? Or even someone worth traveling with Team USA as the number 1 alternate? Yeah, that would be nice.

To summarize, Tyson Chandler now lives happily in New Orleans dunking alley-oop passes from MVP candidate Chris Paul. And the man Chandler was traded for, PJ "The Tin Man" Brown just got himself an NBA Championship ring with the Boston Celtics...

A New Hometown Hero?

At the 2008 NBA Draft, the Bulls did what any team with the 1st pick should do - select the best player, regardless of need. That player would be Memphis point guard Derrick Rose, a local product of Chicago.

Any possibility the Bulls might have opted for Kansas St. scoring machine Michael Beasley ended when his pre-draft height measurements came in at 6'7 feet (Marcus Pfizer, anyone?).

Still, Beasley supporters may point out that Derrick Rose will be too distracted in his hometown to focus his professional basketball career. Yes, the onus will be on the Bulls...more

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Behold the wisdom of Doug Collins as he rationalizes why the Bulls head coach position no longer appeals to him:

"The feeling now is more, 'Should I do this?' Once I got to that point, it meant no. I always make decisions yes is yes, no is no and maybe is no."

No worries, Paxson has moved on and today signed another scrappy former NBA guard to coach the Bulls. Welcome to the franchise Vinnie Del Negro!

Vinnie will actually get to coach this team for a full season, which is contrary to rumors...more

Due Diligence or Incompetence?

While Doug Collins has the inside track to someday, somewhere, be named the Bulls next head coach, that hasn't stopped the Bulls from continuing to interview other candidates.

Chuck Person, the man who once punted a basketball into the rafters during a Pacers - Bulls game, just completed his second interview with Bulls GM John Paxson. As a player, Person was an avid shooter and borderline black hole (throw the ball to him, and it's not coming back). When a reporter asked him once about his teammates getting the ball to him, he declared, "I'm open as...more

Collins Back on the Coaching Wagon

All signs point to Doug Collins being named head coach of the Chicago Bulls in the near future. After John Paxson interviewed just about every assistant coach, cheerleader, and ball boy in the NBA, he appears to have finally settled on a familar friend.

A fiery and emotional coach, Collins was fired from his first stint as the Bulls head coach over "philosophical differences." He just couldn't get a team with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Horace Grant deep into the playoffs. Phil Jackson, then an assistant, took over and the rest was history.

Collins has been known...more

Paxson's To-Do List

Number 1: Hire a real head coach

Eric Snow, Elston Turner, Tyrone Corbin, Jeff Bzdelik, Kurt Rambis, Brian Shaw... are we expected to take these coaching candidates seriously?

Number 2: Draft Derrick Rose

Joakim Noah doesn't need anyone else to smoke weed with. He needs a pure point guard who can run an offense, defend, and get his head above the rim. Michael Beasley scored a ton in college, but he's a tweener with a potential attitude problems (the last thing the Bulls need).

So to help Paxson remember this lengthy list of tasks, I'm recommending he use a...more

D'Antoni May Fall into Bulls Lap

If Mike D'Antoni resigns from his position as head coach of the Phoenix Suns, he immediately becomes the Bulls best choice to fill their own head coaching vacancy. The Bulls would be foolish not to snatch him off the market asap.

In Phoenix, D'Antoni coaches an open, high-scoring brand of offense that would fill the Bulls requisite for new philosphical approach to basketball from its coaching staff. D'Antoni is an underrated X's and O's coach who would easily hold his own in the Eastern Conference.

Defense isn't a top priority if Phoenix, but the Bulls...more