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The Plant Loses New Chicago Beer Company

The brewery is no longer planning to operate out of the vertical farm. Add to diggmore

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City Officials And Mental Health Advocates Continue Stand Off In Chicago

From partly undoing cuts for branch library hours to extending the school day seven – not seven and a half – hours, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has scaled back major policy changes in response to public criticism. Thus far, this is not the case with the city’s plan to... more

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Federal money jump-starts school 'transformation'

When Pam Glynn walked into Hancock High School four years ago as the new principal, the school was on the verge of falling into an achievement black hole. Over the past decade, the percentage of students meeting or exceeding standards on the ISAT fell from a third to about 10... more

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Protests Against Mental Health Clinic Closings Intensify (VIDEO)

From Christmas Carols calling Rahm Emanuel a Grinch to a proposal that the city pay for mental health care through raising the yacht mooring tax, the Mental Health Movement coalition has spent months energetically fighting the city’s... more

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Mental Health Movement Occupation Leads To Arrests, Protesters Vow More Actions

News links:  Huffington Post In protest of the planned closings of six Chicago mental health care clinics, advocates and community residents occupied the Woodlawn clinic on the city's South Side. Though 23 were arrested yesterday ,... more

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23 arrested protesting planned closure of Woodlawn Mental Health Center

Police arrested about two dozen people who barricaded themselves inside the Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic on the city's South Side to protest its planned closing. more

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