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Report: Loyola May Close A Block Of Kenmore Avenue Permanently

Loyola University may permanently close a block-long stretch of Kenmore Avenue just south of campus, and some students are not happy about it. more

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Tandem Bike Stolen From Blind Man And His Partner

Have you seen a distinctive tandem bicycle around Chicago? It may belong to a retired DePaul... more

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Loyola Freshman Found Dead In Dorm

A Loyola University student has been found dead inside a campus residence hall. more

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Apple PIckers Busted

Nice work : A South Side man and a 15-year-old boy are accused of stealing an iPhone from a man in the Edgewater neighborhood this week, and a second stolen phone also was recovered, police said today. Michael P. Gray, 21,... more

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Six Shot In South Side Store

Six people were wounded in a Thursday night shooting inside a South Side store. more

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iPhone 4 Settlement Details

To learn more about the settlement in the legal case surrounding the iPhone4, click here. more

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Sunshine And Seasonal Temperatures Prevail, But Rain Coming Overnight

Season-appropriate temperatures in the low 50s will prevail Thursday, but the sun will remain out all day. more

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Jury Awards $10M to Family of Woman Killed by Neighbor

Melissa Dorner was raped, beaten and strangled in her apartment on Jan. 24, 2005 by a neighbor who then fled to Mexico. Civil suit alleged property owner and manager didn't follow policies and procedures... more

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Song & Struggle - Feb. 19

An Evening of SONG & STRUGGLESunday, Feb. 19, 4:00 - 6:30pm1020 W. Bryn MawrClick here for ticketsBenefit performance by Tom Neilson with Lynn MarieMiami Green Party called it:"Raucous political satire ... had everyone laughing & engaged" Raging Grannies leaders say:"Biting political commentary, humor, memorable music" Tom Paxton called it: "good... more

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Youth Speak-Out: Peace & Unity

Help build Unity and Keep Peace in our community!Saturday, October 22, 11am - 1pmBlack Ensemble Theater/Uptown Center Hull House4520 N. BeaconVoice your ideas on what will bring unity and peace to the north side. Join with others in developing an action agenda.Sponsors:Northside Action for Justice, RIMS, Kuumba Lynx, JUICE Alliance,... more

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Vampire Squid - Who will tame the big banks?

Check out this video from the UK, summarizing the choice we have betweena) cowering before the big banks, andb) restoring the fundamentals of a humane society - you know, all those things we used to be proud of, like public education, a middle class, the social compact, decency, etc. more

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Jobless not Voiceless

Millions of Americans are jobless, but they do not have to be isolated, voiceless or faceless. NA4J, as part of the Chicago Jobs with Justice coalition, is launching monthly potlucks, the First Wednesday of each month, for anyone that's out of work, worried about the economy, needing to find help... more

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Loyola student has probable swine flu case

The 20-year-old student went home sick several days ago and is doing well. His dorm room has been sanitized and there is no indication that any other Loyola students have been infected.

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Einstein Brothers remains closed after failing health inspection

Officials say the Andersonville restaurant failed a health inspection because of rodent droppings. Einstein can't re-open until it schedules and passes another inspection.

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