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Illinois legislators eyeing gambling expansion

over 2 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

Prosecutors in Jennifer Hudson case turn to video

over 2 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

Rich Daley's greatest hits, now on tape

over 2 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

Jesse Jackson Jr. in hot seat

over 2 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

Drew Peterson: I'm ready to start trial

over 2 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

Prosecutors: Republic chief looted company

Richard Gillman diverted money from the Goose Island factory to set up a debt-free company in Iowa, prosecutors say. Republic's closing cost scores of workers their jobs.

almost 5 years ago | Peter Sachs

Former Republic Windows boss arrested in fraud case

Richard Gillman is accused of organizing a financial crimes enterprise. Questions about business dealings were chronicled in Daily News articles several months ago.

almost 5 years ago | Peter Sachs

Showdown at the Blackstone Hotel

Frustrated over the slow pace of contract negotiations, the union representing many workers at the posh South Loop hotel has enlisted the public in its fight with hotel management.

almost 5 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

New Web site helps connect soup kitchens, needy

The site arose in reaction to the expected influx of people who will need food assistance due to the national recession. It lists soup kitchens and food pantries by zip code.

almost 5 years ago | Christina Jacobson

Truman prof brings drama to remedial classes

Remedial classes are rarely viewed as a choice assignment by professors. Let alone for someone like Carlo Matos, a published playwright with a doctoral degree. But he says the courses offer him an opportunity to connect with struggling students.

almost 5 years ago | Peter Sachs

Delay is costing health system promised savings

Earlier this year, health system leaders said a controversial group purchasing plan would save $20 million. Now the savings have shrunk to $5 million because of contract delays.

almost 5 years ago | Alex Parker

Unite Here blasts hotel managers after contracts expire

A union representing thousands of hotel workers in downtown Chicago condemned their managers this morning, threatening to strike if necessary.

almost 5 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

City's 'sometimes we tell on you' approach irks eatery owners

With 400 or so restaurant closings a year, the city health department can't publicize every closure. The fact that some restaurants get singled out irks restaurateurs but is a fact of life.

5 years ago | Alex Parker

As companies struggle, health insurance for workers at risk

Toolworkers at SK Hand Tool suddenly found they lost their health insurance. They went on strike. Their story typifies the health-care debate as the economy squeezes employers and workers alike.

5 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri