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Quinn signs bill with money for new CSU campus

The capital spending bill puts $40 million toward a West Side Chicago State University campus and $31 million toward a new building at Olive-Harvey College.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Stress ails primary care physicians, Loyola study finds

A study by local researchers found primary care doctors experience high levels of stress, and many plan to leave the field within five years. It could have costly consequences for patient care in the future.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

New bill will cap utility payments for poor

The bill will also help gas companies reduce the amount of energy they use, and provide consumer financing for energy efficient appliances.

over 6 years ago | Samantha Liss

State budget cuts endanger preschools

As Illinois lawmakers hash out solutions to a $9 billion budget deficit, Chicago educators are concerned that they will cut blended preschools. The programs mix children with and without disabilities in the same classrooms.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

EXCLUSIVE: Long-time City Colleges administrator could head district

Deidre Lewis, who joined the district in 1976 and worked her way up to second-in-command before retiring last year, is now being considered to replace Wayne Watson, the outgoing chancellor.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Advocates protest use of government documents to fire workers

Advocates for Latino workers at Yum! Brands Inc. say the company discriminates against immigrants by using information from the Social Security Administration to fire them. The company says it gave workers a chance to clear up discrepancies.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Condo project in question amid financial concerns

Residents and critics wonder if a condo project in Uptown will ever get off the ground given doubts about the developer's financial condition.

over 6 years ago | Adeshina O. Emmanuel Jr.

Outrage over awnings: Small business owners angry about permit citations

Confusion continues over exactly how many city permits are needed for awnings that overhang businesses. City officials say three, but that's news to longtime business owners.

over 6 years ago | Samantha Liss

Barbed wire raises prickly questions of race and class

A short-lived installation of barbed wire has upset black, low-income tenants in a government-subsidized rental building, even as their property manager stresses his best intentions.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Residents get first look at new school concepts

The Board of Education will decide in the fall which schools to green-light. It has received proposals for a boarding school in Rogers Park and an Englewood campus that would focus on media arts.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Outdoor groups pushing for liability change

A state legislator and environmental advocates fear a little-noticed 2005 amendment will close many popular recreation sites because of liability concerns.

over 6 years ago | Samantha Liss

CeaseFire's state funding dries up

CeaseFire, the anti-gun violence organization, was shut out of the 2010 state budget. Some fear it could it mean more gun violence this year.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

City Colleges budget grows, but district braces for state funding cuts

As many as 54 positions could be cut if the district doesn’t get state funding for adult education. CCC would make the cuts in other departments so that adult-ed programs could continue.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Lacking hope, a family looks for home

Chicago playwright Nambi E. Kelley's "Hope VI" examines the struggle of a displaced family after the demolition of the Robert Taylor Homes. The Chicago Dramatists stage the play tonight.

over 6 years ago | Adrian G. Uribarri

Residents gather to discuss Loyola University proposals

At a community meeting, Rogers Park residents got a peek at what the university is planning. The improvements call for an addition to the athletic department and updates to a residence hall to make it wheelchair accessible.

over 6 years ago | Tasneem Nomanbhai