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Kerry Wood Sets MLB All-Time Injury Record

When I read newspaper stories about violence and death in the Middle East, I am deeply troubled, but no longer surprised. People often become desensitized to overexposed issues. It's sad, but true.

When I picked up the paper this morning and learned that Kerry Wood had suffered a knee injury in spring training and will require yet another arthroscopic surgery, a familiar feeling arouse; I was troubled, but not surprised.

An MRI revealed a tear in the medial meniscus of Wood's right knee and the right hander will undergo surgery on Tuesday to repair the damage. GM...more

Meet the New (not young) Guys: John Mabry and Marquis Grissom

As a manager, Dusty Baker has the reputation of leaning heavily on veteran leadership, but heading into 2006, the Cubs are counting on two unproven rookies to do the job in starting roles. The spot light will be bright upon Ronny Cedeno and Matt Murton this season, and some offensive struggles should be expected out of the young pair. The Cubs are going to need a deep, reliable bench to prosper throughout the ups and downs of the long major league season. To provide that depth and reliability, Dusty Baker and the Chicago Cubs are once again looking for leadership...more

Spring Training - Game 1 Recap

The Cubs opened their spring training schedule today, and life is beautiful for Cubs' fans once again. Though the odd snow flake passed by my window as I listened to the game, the sound of Pat and Ron describing the action warmed my bones.

The Cubs beat the Oakland A's 8-7. Carlos Zambrano kicked butt, giving up only 1 hit over 3 shut-out innings. The offense also started strong, building a 5-0 lead. The Cubs who will be counted on to carry the load hit the ball well. Aramis Ramirez and Derrick Lee each drove in runs (A-Ram drove...more

Spring Training Opener Today!

Hey Cubs fans -- the wait is over, baseball is here! Spring training's schedule of games begins today with a 2:05 leg stretch against the Oakland A's. Chicago's very own 720 AM radio will begin coverage today at 1:30 with the first of many editions of the Dusty Baker Show, followed by the game against the A's.

Cubs' baseball is back on the air. The silly yet smooth sounds of Pat Hughes (entering 11th year of service in the Cubs' booth) and Ron Santo (entering 17th year in booth) will once again fill Chicagoland with hope and heartbreak over...more

A Packed House... Once Again

The awesome drawing power of the Chicago Cubs was on display this weekend, as the ball club broke their own one-day sales record by selling over 600,000 tickets to eager fans on Friday, as reported by the Chicago Tribune. With the final figures from the purchasing frenzy not yet available, the Cubs estimated that about 25% of their home games (20 of 81 dates) have already been sold out.

The Cubs previous ticket sales record of 572,000 sold in one day was set in 2004, the first day tickets were available after the team's promising run in the playoffs...more

Spring Training Report - Day 1!

'It's like the first day of school. You get that energy. I couldn't even sleep last night thinking about it. That's never going to leave me.' -The new dude in centerfield, Juan Pierre, on the Cubs first full team work out of spring training.

'Hell Yeah!!!' -Me -- after reading that beautiful quote in the paper this morning.

The Cubs had their first full team work out yesterday (Feb 21st.) of the 2006 season, and it's back to business as usual in Mesa, Az. Prior and Wood are battling to get healthy, Dusty Baker is eating toothpicks, and...more

Young Cubs

The Cubs have a hefty list of projected starters (both position players and pitchers) under the age of 30. Even after two frustrating seasons since coming so close in 2003, the Cubs are still a young bunch that is full of potential.

Here is a list of the youngsters (and their ages) that are expected to play major roles in the fortunes of the 2006 Chicago Cubs --

Ronny Cedeno - 23 years old Matt Murton – 24 Jerome Williams - 24 Carlos Zambrano - 24 Mark Prior - 25 Aramis Ramirez - 27 Ryan Dempster...more

Cubs Training Room Fixtures Mark Prior and Kerry Wood

As reported by Cubs.com, Kerry Wood is doing well with his rehab from his 142nd arm injury and has already started throwing off of a mound this spring (I may be wrong on the total number of injuries, there may be a few that I don't know about). He is progressing at a healthy pace and should see action before it gets warm in Wrigleyville. While I really want to see Kerry return to the mound and realize his massive potential, I am presently more concerned with Mark Prior's bizarre ability to find ways to keep himself off of the...more

Meet Ronny Cedeno; Get to know the guy who is the odds on favorite to spend the summer at short for the Cubs

When Cubs' stud Mark Prior was asked if he had any ideas on how to improve the team's defense for the upcoming season, the first person he mentioned was Ronny Cedeno.

'I think Ronny is going to be a big asset for us,' said Prior of the unproven but talented infielder.

With the support and endorsement of his peers, as well as his manger Dusty Baker, the opportunity is there for the taking for Ronny Cedeno. The young Venezuelan is confident that he has the tools to do the job everyday, and the Cubs desperately need someone to...more

My, How the Mighty Have De-Swollen

Spring Training may have started yesterday for the Chicago Cubs', but there is one ex-Cubs slugger who is not quite sure where he will be spending his spring in ‘06, let alone his summer. Sammy Sosa rejected the Washington Nationals non–guaranteed contract offer to play for them for one season at $500,000. To say that Sosa's future in the Major Leagues is in doubt is a major understatement, at the very least.

After hitting .221 last season with just 14 HRs and seeing his body type shift from pit bull to toy poodle, retirement is an option that Sosa...more

Cubs in the World Baseball Classic

A new tournament has turned baseball's time tested preseason rituals on its side this spring. The inaugural World Baseball Classic, which is set to open March 3rd, will feature 16 teams from 16 countries paired off into four, four-team groups. The preliminary rounds will be played in Phoenix, Orlando, Puerto Rico and Tokyo. The 16 teams' rosters are stocked with hundreds of baseball players from the major leagues and their minor league affiliates.

Of course, you can't have a World Baseball Classic without including the Chicago Cubs. Pin-stripers Derrick Lee, Michael Barrett, Carlos Zambrano, Henry Blanco,...more

Zambrano Deal Done

The Chicago Cubs locked down the final piece of the puzzle that is the 2006 team roster on Saturday in signing right handed pitcher Carlos Zambrano. With this deal in the books, the Cubs wrapped up their last player who was arbitration eligible and officially avoided an arbitration case of any kind for the 12th consecutive season.

The 24 year old Zambrano, who made $3.76 million in 2005, was signed for one season at $6.5 million (he was asking for $7.2 million). In Zambrano, the Cubs secured the services of a feisty competitor who has emerged as...more

Hey Cubs Fans...

Here are a few simple words to warm your bones while we all deal with another cold and snowy winter -- Chicago Cubs pitchers and catchers report to spring training in 5 days. Start looking for your ball glove now, folks; Spring is right around the corner.

Today is the last Friday of the year with no baseball until after the World Series.

Let's go Cubs!

Cubs lock up Pierre, Ohman

Thursday in signing new center fielder Juan Pierre and relief pitcher Will Ohman. The team secured the services of Pierre for one year at $5.75 million, with the hopes of signing him to a long term deal sometime in the near future. Ohman was also signed for one season, but came a few dollars cheaper at $610,000.

The Cubs are counting on Pierre to be the catalyst of the offense and to patrol the gaps in an uncertain outfield. In Pierre, the Cubs got a hard worker who shows up to play everyday. Pierre played in all...more

Hairston Returns

The Cubs signed second basemen/utility outfielder Jerry Hairston to a one year, $2.3 million deal on Monday. Hairston played wherever he was needed in 2005, hitting .261 during limited action in 114 games. Hairston is a smart, patient veteran who will once again provide depth and strength to the Cubs bench. Last season, Hairston filled in admirably during extended stretches of time for both Todd Walker at second base and Corey Patterson in centerfield. The offensive production of the Cubs outfield will be under a microscope this year, and Hairston may well be called upon to play a bigger...more