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Our blogger's identity is top secret, but you can call him Lou Grant. He's got the inside dish on doings at the Trib, Sun-Times and other Chicago media companies.

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Quigley: All the News Not Covered

Finally, Mike Quigley. You probably thought this was going to be a rout? Wrong. NO ONE IS GETTING MEDIA ATTENTION HERE or the search engines (and I'm pointing at the search engines for WGN and CLTV in particular) are inadequate.


WBBM-TV: No Matches

WMAQ-TV: No Matches

WLS-TV: No Matches

WGN-TV: No Matches

WTTW-TV: No Matches

CLTV: No Matches

WBEZ- FM: No Matches

Chicago Sun-Times: No Matches

Chicago Tribune: No Matches

Google: No Matches


Pulido: All the News Not Covered

Next, Rosanna Pulido. The methodology is the same. We're only listing what appeared within the previous week based on the websites of the news organization.


WBBM- TV: No Matches

WMAQ-TV: No Matches



Cardinal calls for end to raids  

... Rosanna Pulido, the director of the ...

abc7chicago.com | 03-21-2009

WGN-TV: No Matches

WTTW- TV: No Matches

CLTV: No Matches

WBEZ- FM: No Matches

Chicago Tribune: No Matches

Chicago Sun-Times (Sun-Times...more

Reichel: All the News not covered

There's only a handful of days remaining. Here is how the news is shaking out for each of the candidates. The Blog Aggregate feature only includes what Google can find. For this new look, I also went to the websites of the following: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, WBBM-TV, WMAQ-TV, WLS-TV, WGN-TV, WTTW-TV, CLTV, WBEZ- Chicago Public Radio and Google (News) and created a search for the name of the candidate. I only listed matches from the past week.


I'll summarize what you'll see below: disappointing media coverage.



5th Blog Aggregate 3/25

The 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park: Meet the Candidates Tonight


22 hours ago by Craig Gernhardt  
Gay Chicago Magazine is co-hosting a 5th Congressional district "Meet & Greet" tonight at Sidetrack. This should be very interesting after these recent revelations. Posted by Craig Gernhardt at 7:00 AM ...





Lost opportunities: How blogs uncovered the chicagolady

The earliest mention in Chitowndailynews' Media Insider of the controversy regarding Rosanna Pulido and her postings in the Free Republic occurred on March 4 when we found the following blog entry attributed to TarsTarkas.net: (The posting occurred March 3).


Rosanna Pulido just became the republican candidate to replace Rahm Emanuel in the 5th district in Illinois. She...more

Update of MSM takes the Fifth

Here is an update, looking at WBEZ- FM contributions to the 5th Congressional District, searching for Rosanna Pulido only:


City Room™ - Politics - Early Voting in 5th District Starts ...
... election. Republican Rosanna Pulido and Green Matt Reichel are also in the field to fill the vacant Congressional seat. Leave a comment, ...
http://www.chicagopublicradio.org/Content.aspx?audioID=32806City Room™ - News In Brief -


Candidates Gear Up for 5th District ...
... Voters pulled ballots for Democrats over other...more

Blog blast: where is the MSM?

While it may be true that investigative reporting in blogs will never replace that of newspapers, you may not be able to tell in the race for the Illinois Fifth Congressional seat, to be held early next month. Yesterday a blog, Rosanna Pulido is a Freeper, appeared in multiple Internet outlets.. The blog lists the anonymous postings of a commentator to the Free Republic by a poster known only as Chicago lady. The blog, started March 10, was apparently sparked by an admission by Rosanna Pulido in a March 5th WMAQ broadcast report that she was...more

5th Blog Aggregate 3/23

All hands on deck for Rosanna Pulido | American Conservative Daily


16 hours ago by Carolyn Hileman - The Voice  
By stopping Quigley and the Democrats in the IL 5th congressional district, we can help stop more phony “stimulus” programs, stop higher taxes, stop Eric Holder’s plan to ban our guns, stop card check for unions, and stop Obama’s plan ...


Chicago News Bench: Rosanna Pulido...more

5th Blog Aggregate 3/22

Sarah Way Down South: Weekend Links & Stuff!


22 hours ago by Sarah  
Finally, if you haven't checked out Rosanna Pulido, please do at Rosanna Pulido or Rosanna Pulido for Congress mailing list. She is running for Rahm Emanuel's old seat in Illinois 5th Congressional District. I've done endless amounts of ...



5th Blog Aggregate 3/21

Mike Gravel Endorses Matt Reichel In Illinois Special Election


18 hours ago by Ronald Hardy  
Former senator Mike Gravel of Alaska has endorses Matt Reichel for Congress! This high-profile endorsement from a political figure on the national stage is a major boost to our already dizzying campaign. ...


Mike Nobody Shares The Love: Countdown: Worst Person March 20, 2009


TOC: Wait for it...

While I estimated the revenue increase due to the increased single-copy price of the Chicago Sun-Times at about $40 million a year, Time Out Chicago has announced a “price test” according to Crain's Chicago Business, reducing the single-copy price by a dollar to $1.99 a copy. First, a “price test” isn't evidence of a permanent change in price. But, just for fun, here's the numbers.


According to the Time Out Chicago web site there are single copy sales of about 4660 copies per week. So, a dollar a...more

The binman and the governor

A few random thoughts for a Friday morning. First, I'm going to name Rosanna Pulido, the Republican candidate in the special election in the Fifth Congressional District of Illinois, the leader based on the fact that yesterday she had 100 percent of all the blog entries (two) noted in the blog aggregate.


Now I know that this is a rather thin look at support for the election of Pulido and that the district has a Democratic base of something like 35 percent solid Democrats and only five percent solid Republicans. But there have...more

5th Blog Aggregate 3/20

Chicago News Bench: Rosanna Pulido on Twitter


17 hours ago by Tom Mannis  
Rosanna Pulido, conservative Republican running against StrogerDemocrat Mike Quigley in the Illinois 5th Congressional District, has a Twitter page. For those of you who may not know, the special election to replace Rahm Emanuel in that ...


ChooseTheHero.com » Blog Archive » Campaign update



5th Blog Aggregate 3/19

Includes 3/18 entry.

Chicago News Bench: Quigley Chickens Out, Cancels Pulido Debate


18 Mar 2009 by Tom Mannis  
On the one hand, he's so confident that he will win the April 7 special election in Illinois' 5th Congressional District that he was all over Washington DC yesterday acting as though he'd already won. On the other hand, the League of ...


Dutch Perspective - by Marc...more

5th Blog Aggregate 3/17

Wars raging within GOP are starting to result in casualties ...


18 hours ago by jerrymoore2008  
A blog posting yesterday on Illinois Review claimed that Roeser held “an exclusive secret meeting” over the weekend in a bid to help Republican Rosanna Pulido win the 5th Congressional District seat formerly held by Rahm Emanuel. ...


Planning to Turn Rahm Emanuel’s Seat Red : Stop The ACLU