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Signs of Life

Signs of life! (from the sluggish Sox as well as your sluggish Sox writer) The Pale Hose earned their first win in about a week yesterday by trouncing the Cubs 9-3 in Tuscon behind strong performances from Javier Vazquez, Brandon McCarthy and Joe Crede. With the win the Sox upped their record to 4-13, which is not exactly world-beater status.

The listless offense and losing record can be explained away as spring insignificance. After all, the Sox finished below .500 last spring when their best hitter was Pablo Ozuna and October ace Jose Contreras looked like a lost child...more

Sox Notch First Spring Win

Maybe 2006 isn't a lost cause after all. Behind a strong start from Jon Garland the Sox won their first game of the spring in seven tries, 4-2 over the Rockies. As Hawk would say, 'You can cancel the postgame show.'

Nobody was really fretting over the Sox lackadaisical first week, except manager Ozzie Guillen, who was irked by his team's lack of intensity on the field. So he held a brief meeting before yesterday's game that ended with him declaring, 'The next meeting I have will be with 25 players. If you guys don't want to be...more

Sox sign... Hideo Nomo?

Yup, that's not a misprint. Odd as it may seem, yesterday the Sox agreed to terms with legendary Japanese pitcher Hideo Nomo on a minor league contract. If you don't remember what Nomo looks like, you can consult your dictionary, as I'm pretty sure his photo is next to the entry 'washed up.'

This move might have been beneficial oh, say, 10 years ago when Nomo was good, but now at 37 years old there's really nothing much left in the tank for 'The Tornado.' At this point he's just being brought in to take some spring training...more

Sox Lose First Three Spring Training Games; Season down the tubes

OK guys, pack it in now. The Sox have been outscored 23-4 en route to an 0-3 start to Cactus League play, already choking under the pressure of trying to defend their World Championship. Forget 2006, it's time to look to 2007.

Seriously though, there's not much to take out of early Spring Training games. It's just nice to see baseball games again! Starting pitchers Javier Vazquez and Jose Contreras each pitched three scoreless and walk-less innings, more than meeting expectations for their first trips out to the mound. Freddy Garcia followed with a solid start, marred only by...more

Still "Crazy" after all those months

With Sox players, former and current, spouting at the mouth like it's going out of style (sadly, it's not), this seems like as good a time as any to check in with resident wacko and new Mariners DH Crazy Carl Everett, who was never one to shy away from expressing himself.

Like another former Sox DH, Everett was let go by the Sox after the championship '05 season, due in part to age, decreased productivity and, oh yeah, the acquisition of one Jim Thome. Still, Everett will always have his place in Sox lore as World Champion, emotional clubhouse...more

Phillips Curve-balls

With pitchers and catchers set to report to Tucson in two days, the Sox decided to sign a couple more left arms (with bodies attached, presumably) to join the mix of contestants for the 'Win The Last Job in the Sox Bullpen' derby that will play out over spring training.

By signing Armando Almanza and Rusty Tucker to minor league contracts, the Sox increased the number of challengers to eight. (For a rundown of the other guys, refer here.)

Clearly the Sox are taking a 'throw a whole lot of stuff at the wall...more

WBC updates

More news from the World Baseball Classic. Cuba will be allowed to participate, with the caveats of course that no money goes to the Communist regime and that they don't use the event to spy.

I guess that squelches the rumor Fidel Castro was going to implant a mind-control chip in his rightfielder a la Reggie Jackson in Naked Gun. No word on whether Enrico Pallazzo will umpire.

Also, Sox shortstop Juan Uribe is now listed on the Dominican Republic's preliminary roster for the event. Final rosters are due in a month, and I hope...more

Odds, Sods and Sox

In case you missed it, Sox manager Ozzie Guillen became a US citizen earlier this week. I guess after 21 years in Major League Baseball, Ozzie is as American as he's ever going to get. The test had him a little nervous, but after he passed (without one wrong answer, he wants you to know) Guillen came out his usual self, cracking jokes and spewing one-liners. One of the questions on the test asked him to name the mayor of Chicago, to which Guillen replied 'Me' before correctly answering. Guillen also celebrated his 42nd birthday on Friday. How many...more

Phil's Reasons Why Not

No, it isn’t a lame new sitcom sure to be canceled within two months. It’s a column on ESPN.com by Tribster Phil Rogers explaining his top five reasons why the Sox will repeat as champions in 2006, and his top five reasons why they won’t. Talk about hedging your bets.

It’s a very reasonable article, much more so than Rob Neyer’s ramblings about how the improved AL Central (how exactly have the Indians improved by the way?) will catch up to the “regressing” White Sox. Also, check out this handy ...more

Crede's Back

Mr. Clutch incarnate Joe Crede will be back manning the hot corner at the Cell in 2006. The Sox signed their third-sacker to a one year, $2.675 million contract yesterday, avoiding arbitration and crossing the last name off the “to do” list of unsigned players.

While this move is good in that it avoids arbitration, it is also a suspiciously short commitment compared to recent settlements with arbitration-eligible Aaron Rowand and Juan Uribe in 2004 and AJ Pierzynski, Jon Garland and Rob Mackowiak this off season.

Each of those five players received generous, feel-good...more

Ah, the sweet smell of success

The Sox proudly announced today that next year’s season ticket base will surpass 20,000 for the first time in team history. The onslaught of fan support and ticket sales since the World Series led to a sell out of playoff-option season ticket plans, proving once again if you build it, they will come: Chicago is starved for a winner.

I knew the demand would increase significantly this off season, but this explosion is incredible. The Sox have started a waiting list for season ticket plans with playoff options, though full and partial season plans without...more

Air Waves

Yesterday the White Sox and the Score announced their disappointing decision to hire former Sox outfielder Chris Singleton as Ed Farmer’s new partner in the radio booth for next season’s broadcasts. Sure, it could have been worse (cough Mike North), but it could have been a lot better. In fact, the whole way the Score has handled things since becoming the Sox flagship has been embarrassing and unprofessional.

Everything begins and ends with the decision not to bring back veteran play-by-play announcer and fan favorite John Rooney. Rooney spent over a decade as the radio voice...more

Penciling in the Pen

Bullpens are a funny thing. A strong, deep one is among the rarest and most coveted commodities in the major leagues. Yet the players that make up the best bullpens in the league aren’t highly-sought free agents or widely-touted stars.

Think of the group who anchored the great Sox pen last year: other teams’ cast-offs, failed starters, journeymen, retreads and former problem children.

There was no fancy press conference for Dustin Hermanson’s signing; no front page headlines for Cliff Politte’s arrival a year before, no bold prognostications for bust out Bobby Jenks and not much optimism...more

Odds, Sods and Sox

*A couple more Sox trade rumors were squashed today. First, disgruntled Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada followed the lead of fellow fickle superstar Manny Ramirez and rescinded his demand to be traded, killing any Tejada to the Sox for Contreras and Uribe rumblings. Acquiring Tejada was a long shot for the Sox, but the Orioles were in a compromising position and the Sox may have had the best offer out there.

For just a second imagine a murder’s row line up with Tejada-Konerko-Thome in the middle. Yikes! But apparently Tejada is content with the Orioles 2006...more

Sigh of Relief: Buehrle and Iguchi withdraw from WBC

Putting the well-being of themselves and their team ahead of Major League Baseball’s suspect new marketing event, Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle and second baseman Tadahito Iguchi wisely decided to say "thanks, but no thanks" to the inaugural World Baseball Classic this spring.

Buehrle, who was slated to pitch for the United States, revealed his change of plans on WSCR-AM 670’s “White Sox Weekly” radio program, while Iguchi, asked to play with Japan, relayed his decision to Japan’s Kyodo News.

This is great news for Sox fans as Buehrle and Iguchi, key contributors to...more