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Finally! Stone In as Full Time Color Commentator

For years Sox fans have keyed in on one particular starting pitcher and begged the organization to bring him aboard. We're talking about a Cy Young award winner here, with more than 100 career wins and a sub-4 ERA.

The Sox finally corralled that elite starting pitcher in a very pleasant spring training surprise. And the best thing about this guy is he doesn't need four days rest-he can go every day.

I'm talking about your new...more

Spring Intensity Won't Bring Sox Summer Wins

The Sox lost their first exhibition game of the spring, 7-3 to the defending NL champion Colorado Rockies yesterday afternoon, marking the 11th straight time the Sox have fallen to their spring rivals in Tucson. But manager Ozzie Guillen was pleased with his team’s more intense style.


Be careful, Ozzie: all this effort and intensity in a February exhibition game against Rockies’ minor leaguers could rob the Sox of much...more

Go West Young Prospect

Wonder where the Sox farm system went?

Well, take a look.

How long until the A's try to get their hands on Aaron Poreda and John Shelby?

Room at the Top For OBP

Only a couple of days into camp and questions about the Sox batting line up have arisen. Since Jerry Manuel is not here to do some tinkering, I'll give it a shot.

In today's Trib, Mark Gonzales mentions that shortstop Orlando Cabrera, brought in to be a number two hitter, will be considered for the lead off spot, especially against tough lefties.

Every time this idea comes up, Cabrera sounds skittish about the idea of hitting lead...more

A Plea to Keep Crede

So apparently it's clear to everyone but me why Joe Crede absolutely must be traded to the Giants within the next month.

He has a bad back, he's a $5 million sink hole and his replacement is likely to have a better offensive year than him anyway.

And yes, I understand Crede is in his walk year, and that super villain Scott Boras is his agent. So a contract extension is about as likely as an...more

Crede For Cain? Insane!

From the “Gotta Be a Misprint” department: Rotoworld suggested today that the Giants might be willing to trade stud starting pitcher Matt Cain for Joe Crede.


 My reaction? The following:


Crede For Cain


If the Sox can get Crede for Cain

I’d personally drive Joe to the train


Sox Ink Dotel

It's official: another ex-Royals reliever is on his way to Chicago. The White Sox officially inked oft-injured right hander Octavio Dotel to a two-year, $11 million deal that continues the veteran-ization of the bullpen.

It just goes to show you what I always say: believe everything you read in the Impacto Deportivo.

Dotel, who spent the last five years bouncing around five different organizations (Houston, Oakland, New York, Kansas City and Atlanta), believes he is finally 100% healthy after undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2005 and subsequently suffering set backs due to tendonitis (2006)...more

Odds, Sods and Sox

With pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training in a mere 30 days, the White Sox still have some cosmetic surgery on tap before basking in sunny Arizona. Joe Crede, Juan Uribe and one or two of the out-of-options trio, David Aardsma, Nick Masset and Gavin Floyd, shouldn't feel assured of their spot in Chicago just because they've made it to January.

Don't get too comfortable, Kenny's still trying to deal you guys.

Some of those deals might have to wait until spring training, but they're still coming. Then there's the reoccurring Paul Konerko-to-the-Angels rumor. If the...more

Five Questions

Ken Williams may already have an eye on his next move, but here are five things I am still wondering after the acquisition of outfielder Nick Swisher.

1. What else could the Gonzalez-De Los Santos-Sweeney package have brought back? Carl Crawford? Alex Rios? Dan Haren? Erik Bedard?

2. What is more important to the short-term and long-term well being and success of this team: avoiding big market free agent contracts that may be outwardly "overpriced" or amassing prized prospects?

3. For 2008 only, would...more

Swisher Trade No Slam Dunk

That "swishing" sound you hear is the Sox farm system being sucked utterly dry in Ken Williams' darkhorse attempt to win the 2008 World Series.

Trading the organization's top two pitching prospects, Gio Gonzalez and Fautino de los Santos, along with the faded but not gone luster of Ryan Sweeney, Williams paid the hefty price tag for a superstar. Nick Swisher is a very good player, bound for improvement over the four years of his...more

Sox Aren't Licked Yet

The Winter Meetings came to a close Thursday afternoon, and I think it’s fair to say things didn’t turn out exactly the way Sox fans wanted.  After losing out on Torii Hunter two weeks before, the Sox lost Miguel Cabrera to a division rival, watched the price of free agents continue to balloon ever skyward and heard their frustrated GM spout off a laundry list of excuses for his lack of action as well as give us all a lesson on the value of 50 cents.


Odds, Sods and Sox

Carlos Quentin was a good pick up, but let's not anoint him the savior in the outfield just yet. Despite costing the Sox their best low level position prospect in Chris Carter, the Quentin deal adds more to the organization than it subtracts.

In four minor league seasons, Quentin, a former first-round draft pick, batted .312 with a monster .427 OBP. His success has yet to translate to the big leagues in two years of limited action, but the DBacks' crowded...more

5 Things We Need

Yesterday we covered the five things that we know Ken Williams will do. But he has set the bar very high by with his “win now” mantra in a stacked American League Central. Here are five things he needs to get if he wants to make this team a winner in ’08.


1. A real starting pitcher.

Whether Williams wants to admit it or not, a starting...more

5 Things We Know

The famous Winter Meetings commence Monday in Nashville, giving hot stove baseball nuts oodles of rumors, trades and signings to pontificate about.

What is on the White Sox agenda for this week? Before we dissect the latest Aaron Rowand, Jason Bay and Kosuke Fukudome rumblings or tear Ken Williams a new one for his lack of action thus far, take the following into consideration.

There are five things we...more

If it’s “win now,” then Sox must “spend now”

The Sun Times' Joe Cowley reports today that, though the Sox were interested in bringing back free agent Aaron Rowand, the two sides "aren't even in the same area code" contract-wise.

Cowley, who is known to jump to overly-dramatic conclusions, then implies that the Sox have given up on signing Rowand and have instead turned their attention to Coco Crisp and Willy Taveras in the trade market.

Rowand's price is probably quite high right...more