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Leaky Luggage Prompts Hazmat Response At Midway

    CBS 2, over 3 years ago

A substance leaking from a piece of luggage prompted a hazardous materials response at Midway International Airport Monday morning.

Celebrity a big factor as Hudson slayings trial begins today

Prosecutors haven't revealed if singer will testify Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson's Cinderella story took a tragic turn 31/2 years ago with the killings of her mother, brother and nephew in a triple homicide that made national headlines and left Chicago heartbroken for its native daughter.

Phil Humber Perfect Game Shirt

    CBS 2, over 3 years ago

Go to WhiteSox.com and you can get your hands on the commerative Phil Humber perfect game t-shirt. Get your hands on a small piece of baseball history!

See Shakespeare In The Park Or Parking Lot

From his sharp wit, profound devotion to language and characters which resound with contemporary audiences, Shakespeare's legacy is felt from the high school classroom to...

Cops: Man, 71, fatally stabbed during argument with son

Cops: Victim's son taken into custody A 31-year-old man fatally stabbed his father inside the older man's Hegewisch neighborhood home, then confessed to a 911 dispatcher, Chicago police said.

Cuban Sick Of Olympics Stealing NBA Talent

    CBS 2, over 3 years ago

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had some strong comments about the Olympics and their use of NBA players without any payment to the owners. Check out what Cuban had...

Judge’s computer login used in attempts to view pornography

Associate Judge Joseph Polito was trusted with one of Will County’s most notorious heater cases in 2007 when he presided over Plainfield man Craig Stebic’s attempt to divorce his missing wife Lisa. Now he’s at the center of an unsolved riddle of his own.

Talk Like Shakespeare Day

What would happen if we all spoke the way Shakespeare wrote? Would we fall in love more deeply and seek revenge more swiftly? Today just...

71-year-old man stabbed to death by son, police say

A 71-year-old man was stabbed to death during an argument with his son Sunday night in the Far Southeast Side Hegewisch neighborhood, police said.

This week, the Bleader goes to the suburbs

For last week's cover story, the Reader ventured out into the suburbs to give city folk a guide on where to eat outside of city limits . For this week's "Variations on a Theme," it was obvious to take another trip.… [ Read...

Government-Sponsored Program Set To Help Struggling Homeowners

    CBS 2, over 3 years ago

Chicago has one of the highest delinquent mortgage rates in the country, and a government-sponsored program is being held in Rosemont Monday for struggling homeowners.

Youthful image put Chicago ahead in Nobel race

Pairing peace laureates with students netted city the summit, experts say The conversation began with a simple question from one teenager to another.

'Trouble': Nicholas Sistler channels Kinsey porn

Nicholas Sistler's exhibit on life's seamy side opens at Firecat by Deanna Isaacs Some things can't be told. The consequences would be unbearable, or so it seems to the one who would have to do the telling.… [ Subscribe...

Rutherford: Tough Road Ahead For Quinn’s Pension Plan

    CBS 2, over 3 years ago

Now that the governor has finally unveiled a plan to tackle the state's pension crisis, one top Republican is predicting a tough road ahead.

South Elgin Firm Makes Everything From Soda Fountain Valves To Door Locks

    CBS 2, over 3 years ago

You can't buy a cup of Coca-Cola from a soda fountain without it passing through a Hoffer valve made in South Elgin.