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Bad at Sports Episode 27: Happiness

- Jeff Ward, Shannon Stratton interviewed, Michael Miller, and the "Made in China" show at the Museum of Contemporary Photography reviewed. - ALSO LIVE WITHOUT A NET, Bad at Sports that the Steppenwolf garage theater this Wednesday the 8th as a part of the NPR, Third Coast Festival, Listen Room series. Come throw rocks at us you jerks!


Jeff Ward and Shannon Stratton have curated the wonderful series of shows, the Happiness I Seek. Showing consecutively in 5 spaces throughout the Chicago community, The Happiness I Seek will feature artists Andrea Cohen (at ThreeWalls), Loul Samater...more

Why I left Milwaukee at 19...

Art museum party gets out of hand

A party at a US art museum got out of hand after the organisers promised revellers as many martinis as they could drink.

The martini fete at at Milwaukee Art Museum ended with drunk guests passing out, throwing up and clambering over artworks.

One reveller, Kathleen Christians, 39, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "It was crazy. People were shoving people over. People were getting sick, screaming, shouting, messing with the artwork."

Four young men climbed onto Standing Woman, a tall, bronze sculpture of a goddess-like woman by early 20th-century American...more

Bad at Sports Episode 26: Corbett vs. Dempsey and State of the Union



It's our sixth month anniversary and there is much excitement for all!

This week we talk to John Corbett and Jim Dempsey of Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery. Also we reflect on six months of weekly podcasts and mull whether or not to go on. A very special episode of Bad at Sports. Like an afterschool special with expletives.

Real show note to follow at some point soon.

John Corbett
Jim Dempsey
Third Coast Festival
Experimental Sound Studio
Open End Barn Dance, Featuring Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band
Jeff Ward
Shannon Stratton
Sun Ra
Nelson Algren

Bad at Sports Episode 25: Wendy Cooper and reviews!

This Week

This week we interview Chicago gallerist Wendy Cooper. Then the BAS team reviews new shows at the Renaissance Society (Yutaka Sone's Forecast: Snow) and the Hyde Park Art Center (4-Reel). Amanda checks out more shows on her own, and--possibly the most exciting segment of the show yet--Duncan and Richard go to see Unshackled, recorded live at the Pacific Garden Mission.

Names Dropped

Wendy Cooper
Yutaka Sone
Renaissance Society
Unshackled Radio Show
John McKinnon
Art Institute of Chicago
Tony White/ Bodybuilder and Sportsman
Three Walls
Whitney Biennial
Fracesco Bonami
College Art Association
UW-Madison Art Dept.
Armory Show
Art Basel...more

Bad at Sports Episode 24: Stuff

I'm sick, this will be a less glitzy and amusing e-mail than usual. Hence this notice coming out so late.


We set the record straight about our rumored conflict with Gallery 400, although we definitely didn't like the show they have up right now. We check out the utterly fabulous collection of shows at the Cultural Center. AND to make it total art overload, we go to the MCA and take in an array of shows there too. Also our London branch (Ben Tanner and Christian Kuras) checks in and we get a brief NOVA plug from Michael...more

Bad at Sports Episode 23: James Rondeau, Cecilia Edefalk


Duncan and Richard interview James Rondeau, superstar curator and Cecelia Edefalk, superstar artist. We just bought the right to the word "superstar" so we are compelled to use it as much as possible. Stealing liberally from the AIC's press release bank we now paste the following for your enlightenment.

"The Art Institute of Chicago presents the first solo U.S. exhibition of Swedish artist Cecilia Edefalk as part of its Focus exhibitions of contemporary art. Double White Venus, a series of 12 paintings all titled Double White Venus, will be on view in Gallery 139 of the museum...more

Bad at Sports Episode 22: Liz Armstrong, Social

An interview that goes off the rails, reviews, our San Francisco branch checks in! Wow!

Check out our new NEWS FLASH section below.


Liz Armstrong, author of the Chicago Anti-social column in the Reader.

From her Wikipedia entry:
Liz Armstrong lives in Chicago, Illinois. She has performed solo and with the bands To Live and Shave in L.A. and To Live and Shave in L.A. 2 under the stage name "Misty Martinez." Since 2004, she has written first-person party journalism for the Chicago Reader in her "Chicago Antisocial" column.

But that doesn't begin to cover our knife...more

The scariest thing I have ever seen in my life

Don't fret, it is only a music video, but what a music video...


Someone please explain to me what the weiner dogs have to do with this song?

Bad at Sports Episode 21: Chicago Artists Resource

Another great show, tell your pals that we kick ass. Duncan cries inside because there are still people in town who haven't been reached by our pithy commentary.

WHY OH WHY doesn't Tony Wight at Bodybuilder & Sportsman respond to our e-mail? Everybody else in 119 responds; where is the love??? We are just trying to give you some airtime--we won't be mean, honest. Wendy Cooper writes back, c'mon buddy.


We visit Barbara Koenen at her lovely home and discuss resources available for artists in the City of Chicago. Barbara is in charge of the utterly bad-assed...more

Bad at Sports Episode 20 Mark Booth

20 shows! Wow! I think back to my initial conversations with Duncan in a bar downtown and I doubt we ever expected to get an audience as large as we now have (which has doubled in the last month), the number of great, brilliant people working with us around the world, and the wonderful feedback we have been getting, thanks to you all! We continue to look at Bad at Sports as an open resource, so let us know what you think. If you want to contribute (particularly if you are somewhere other than Chicago), let us know! We are...more

Bad at Sports: Episode 19 Michelle Grabner pt. 2

Back again for more art talk, mirth and mayhem. Tell your pals, classmates, enemies, family about the show! The more the merrier.


Michelle Grabner is back! Michelle has written criticism for more magazines than I can comfortably count, runs an art gallery and shows her work internationally. This week we present second part of our interview. Michelle points out that BAS is damn guilty of being a part of the sad watering down of art criticism. She also very kindly puts Richard in his place for his anti-intellectual criticism bashing.

ALSO: Amanda and Richard review shows at Aron Packer,...more

Bad at Sports: Episode 18: Michael Workman


The always controversial and busy Michael Workman--New City art critic, NOVA front man, Bridge Magazine editor in chief, Art Fair impresario, freelance writer and 92 other things-- talks about the art biz, why he pisses people off, why the youth cult is bullshit, and the state of the Chicago art scene. Amanda is hopping mad about the role of teaching in the art community.

Duncan, Richard, and Amanda talk about "Maximum Wage" from Illbilly.com!

Our second New York Bureau member, Nate Rogers-Madsen, reviews Egon Schiele at Neue Galerie and Ed Ruscha at the Whitney.

Name-dropped this episode:...more

Bad at Sports: Episode 17 Death by Design

This show has at least 3 shows worth of material.

THIS WEEK: Michelle Maynard and Teena McClelland the ladies of Death by Design Co. talk about gore, guts, and their show at Gallery 400! Duncan, Richard and Amanda, rise above the fray and avoid saying snotty things about people related to a certain gallery space, once again, basking the entire time in the soft, warm glow of our moral superiority. Cassie Thornton checks in from NYC! We review Daniel Blanco's show at Flatfile. AND the year end wrap up. Duncan apologizes to the OODA group for being a jerk....more

For those of you new to the show!

We gained about 5 gazillion listeners with the holiday show, hopefully you will stick around

If you are new to the show, please download a few episodes and check them out, we have done some great interviews and hopefully lots of funny other stuff!

We are working hard to be a grass-roots resource for people in the arts, we have bureaus in New York, London, and San Francisco.

If you want to get involved, contact us! If you want to be added to our mailing list send us an e-mail at badatsports@gmail.com



Bad at Sports : 16 Holiday Show!

Bad at Sports Art Review
Episode 16: Our First Annual Holiday Special

Ho ho ho! We are starting official traditions for our show: the first annual holiday special!!!

And,DON'T MISS IT: Be sure to check out the nice press mention about Bad at Sports in this week's New City!


Yes, as promised, the holiday special show! Lots of great yuletide music for your egg-nog-drinking pleasure. While the majority of funny, holiday-related songs are Christmas oriented, I did find one fairly obvious and hilarious Hanukkah song, and a song or two that are utterly secular....more