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Bad at Sports Episode 101: Jim Duignan/ Stockyard Institute

AMANDA IS BACK!!! Duncan and Amanda talk to Jim Duignan about his current project at the Hyde Park Art Center. Super friend of Bad at Sports (and Director of Exhibitions at the HPAC) Allison Peters is there too!

To wit:

"Jim Duignan is an artist and founder of the Stockyard Institute, a project that draws attention to the visionary status of youth and people through the arts in a variety of Chicago neighborhoods. Stockyard Institute publishes AREA Chicago Arts, Education, Activism, a biannual...more

Bad at Sports Episode 100: Mattress Factory/ Book Review

Richard joins Pittsburgh bureau chiefs Katie Reilly and Craig Fox along with special correspondent Sarah Guernsey to discuss the Mattress Factory.

Also Terri and Joanna discuss Don DeLillo's latest Falling Man: A Novel.

100 shows. Wow.

Bad at Sports Episode 99: Center for Tactical Magic/ Caroline Picard

Joanna, Amanda and Terri talk to Green Lantern Director Caroline Picard.

Marc and Brian talk to the Aaron Gach of the Center for Tactical Magic in San Francisco.

Richard continues his slide into "Ed Anger"dom.

Bad at Sports Episode 98: Escultura Social: A New Generation of Art from Mexico City

This week Duncan and Richard talk to Julie Rodrigues Widholm and a number of the artists from the show about the hot hot hot new show at the MCA - Escultura Social: A New Generation of Art from Mexico City.

Duncan talks to Packard Jennings about his residency at ThreeWalls.

Richard is turning into Ed Anger.

Bad at Sports Episode 97: Jack Hanley

THIS WEEK: Superstar gallerist Jack Hanley is interviewed by Brian and Marc. Our own beloved Mike Benedetto reviews Terry Gilliam's Tideland and is responsible for the intro to this week's show. The London bureau's Christian and Emily talk about lots of gallery shows.

Bad at Sports Episode 96: Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall, people! Canadian superstar Jeff Wall is interviewed by Duncan and Richard when he was in Chicago for the opening of his huge new show at the Art Institute of Chicago:

Jeff Wall

June 29-September 23, 2007
Regenstein Hall

Jeff Wall is considered one of the most acclaimed and influential artists of his generation. He uses state-of-the-art photographic and computer technologies to make pictures that evoke the composition, scale, and ambition of the grandest history paintings. This exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of Wall's nearly 30-year career.


Bad at Sports Episode 95: Old Gold/Boumstein-Smalley/JMOCA

Allright so my computer is fairly f-ed and therefore this show note will be even less witty than usual. A bunch of post-its are wedged between the keyboard and the video processor to hold it in place. Curse you IBM.

Duncan and Marc LeBlanc talk to Caleb Lyons of Old Gold Gallery and formerly of Art Ledge. 

Duncan talks to artist Lisa Boumstein-Smalley about her new show at the Alfedena Gallery.

Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk to Justin Hansch about Justin’s Museum of Contemporary Art. We collectively apologize for the...more

Bad at Sports Episode 94: Jana Gunstheimer/ Chicago Politics

This Week: Guest interviewer Lisa Dorin talks to German artist Jana Gunstheimer (see the blurb shamelessly lifted from the AIC website, below). ALSO we get two different perspectives on the fight over the Public Art Program and how they handle the selection and approval process. Kathryn talks to Olga Stefan Executive Director of the Chicago Artists' Coalition at Monday's protest rally, and Duncan talks to Gregory Knight, Deputy Commissioner/ Visual Arts of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs after the vote was in. This conflict has been actively discussed on our blog, see what the...more

Bad at Sports Episode 93: Gaylen Gerber/Michelle Grabner

This week Michelle Grabner and Duncan interview Gaylen Gerber.

"Gaylen Gerber's work often incorporates the artwork of other artists in its realization. Gerber asks other artists to cooperate with him and let their work be installed against the ground he provides. In doing so he focuses our attention on a central aspect of perception, which is that to perceive something at all you must first be able to perceive it as distinct from its context or background. By positioning his work as the contextual ground against which we see another work of art, Gerber draws attention to the...more

Bad at Sports Episode 92: Loveliness/ Evil Chicago Politics

Are you tired of all the self obsessed, cynical, angry art that’s out there today? Well Alex  Jovanovich is out there to fix what ails you and point you in the right direction! Terri talks to Alex about his Loveliness Workshops.

Next, Kathryn talks to Paul Klein about the screwed up stuff going on with public art funding in Chicago. Paul is working of some interesting activist stuff and we will post a letter/manifesto on the recent events, on our blog. 

Then, Mark Staff Brandl checks in from the Central Europe Bureau!


Bad at Sports Episode 91: Gregg Bordowitz and David Getsy on “queer?

This week Terri talks to Gregg Bordowitz and David Getsy about queer art, queer theory and what it means to be queer in 2007.  Duncan and Meg were there too, but it is mostly Terri, Gregg and David’s show.

Gregg Bordowitz is a writer, AIDS activist, and film-and videomaker. His work, including Fast Trip, Long Drop (1993) and Habit (2001), documents his personal experiences of testing positive and living with HIV within the context of a personal and global crisis. His writings are collected in The AIDS Crisis is Ridiculous and Other Writings:1986-2003. He is currently on faculty...more

Bad at Sports Episode 90: Ruth Lopez and Tony Fitzpatrick

Special Correspondent Tony Fitzpatrick interviews Time Out Chicago's Ruth Lopez about just about everything. It's an engaging and insightful conversation. Duncan and Richard chime in now and again.

The show closes with further proof that if there is an obscure musical tidbit in Tony's past, we can find it.



Bad at Sports Episode 89: The Collective Foundation/Miranda July reviewed

This week Book Reviews and West Coast News! Terri Griffith and Joanna Topor review Miranda July’s book No One Belongs Here More Than You. Worked in to the commentary is discussion of the Mackenzie’s sex life and Oprah’s use of the phrase Vah-Jay-Jay.

Brian Andrews and Marc LeBlanc talk to curator Joseph del Pesco and artist Scott Oliver about the Collective Foundation. 

The Collective Foundation (CF) is a temporary organization. The concept of curator Joseph del Pesco and artist Scott Oliver, CF relies on the contributions of numerous people who are working to advance art in the...more

Bad at Sports Episode 88: Art Fair Part Deux!

This week Art Fair Part Deux. In response to blog comments I am attempting something new, and listing the times of the bits. Which I must say is one more damn task to complete for the show, but I'll try it and see if it drives me insane.

0:00-11:25 Intro, overall recap and lots of snotty commentary by Duncan, Amanda, and Richard. 

11:40-22:10 Team Browder (Amanda and Dolly Browder) with Susan Hobbs on the Susan Hobbs Gallery.

22:20-29:05 Team Queer Ghetto Bus (Terri, Serena and Meg) talk to folks from the Thomas Robertello Gallery:...more

Bad at Sports Episode 87: Art-ver-bridge-opolis part 1

As we recover from Sharkstock 2007 we diligently post Episode #87 the first installment of our team coverage of Artropolis, Version, Bridge, Sharkstock and a bunch of other cool stuff we went to in the last few days. Also prior to our soiree at Sonotheque we it Tony Fitzpatrick's kickass opening at Architrove which was so crowded I nearly had a panic attack, I got to meet his Mom, who was utterly delightful. Paul Klein spent most of the fair weekend worried that we were stalking him as we were oddly on the exact same schedule at all times....more