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Obama continues conversation about fathers

Obama's bid to help fathers and families comes to Chicago Wednesday.

over 6 years ago | Samantha Liss

Obama touts health care reform, while local groups rally for further action

The President spoke to the American Medical Association today, describing his plans for health care reform. Meanwhile, several local groups rallied in favor of more drastic reform measures.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Stripped of White House internship, Kennedy-King student wonders why

Appreccia Faulkner was to have started a three-month unpaid internship in the White House's correspondence office. The Kennedy-King student and mother of three got a message yesterday telling her the slot had been given to someone else.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Stimulus money hard to come by for public health projects

How much will the city's public health department get from Washington's stimulus dollars? Nobody seems to know how much, if any, money will beef up the health department's budget.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Obama's words lift audience at a troubled school

As Barack Obama took the oath of office, the cafeteria at troubled Harper High in Englewood fell silent. Students say Obama's administration will mean more opportunity for them.

almost 7 years ago | Jay Field

Flying the Chicago flag at Obama inauguration

As many as 2 million people braved temperatures in the 20s, many waiting on the Mall for four hours or longer to see Barack Obama’s swearing-in.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

For Obama fans, historic inauguration trip starts at Midway

Chicagoans from all walks of life converged on Washington, D.C. the day before President-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in at the Capitol. About 50 were aboard a flight from Midway Airport.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Groups plan 19-day pre-inaguration peace vigil

Grassroots organizations from all over the city are participating in a countdown to inauguration day vigil for advocating for peace and justice in Chicago and the nation.

almost 7 years ago | Megan Cottrell

Another Obama (Michelle) drives interest

The students, faculty and staff at Whitney Young Magnet School are excited about their most famous alum, Michelle Obama, the next First Lady. She has said that she is "a Dolphin" forever.

almost 7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Don't play with public access

almost 7 years ago | David McClendon

Despite split, S. Side church revels in Obama win

Barack Obama divorced himself from Trinity United Church of Christ after attending service there for 20 years. That didn't dampen the spirit of congregants celebrating his victory.

7 years ago | Amy Lee

Duncan: No talk regarding Obama post

Chicagoans are jockeying for position as Barack Obama assembles his White House team. CPS chief Arne Duncan has been mentioned as a potential Secretary of Education.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

White Sox Fan in the White House

7 years ago | Mike DePilla

Turnout high as Chicago backs Obama, Alvarez

Barack Obama is the president-elect, making history after unprecedented voter turnout in Chicago and nationally. Voters experienced few problems at the polls and celebrated peacefully at Grant Park rally.

7 years ago | David McClendon