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Huberman, Chicago Public Schools board, get an earful

The new chief executive officer of Chicago Public Schools today listened to parents and teachers who spoke against the latest round of proposed schools closings due to low performance.

almost 7 years ago | Jay Field

Huberman to lead Chicago Public Schools

Mayor Richard M. Daley's choice for CEO of Chicago public schools has little public education experience. But observers say he possesses other skills that will serve him well on the job.

almost 7 years ago | Jay Field

List of possible school closings made public

A parents group has published a list of schools the Chicago Board of Education is considering for closure or consolidation.

almost 7 years ago | Claire Bushey

Teachers and parents to discuss where to go next on school issue

Chicago public schools officials are likely to clash with a group of parents and teachers' over proposed school closures, part of the mayor's long-term plan to improve city schools.

almost 7 years ago | Claire Bushey

Another Obama (Michelle) drives interest

The students, faculty and staff at Whitney Young Magnet School are excited about their most famous alum, Michelle Obama, the next First Lady. She has said that she is "a Dolphin" forever.

almost 7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Don't play with public access

almost 7 years ago | David McClendon

CORE begins fight for teachers' jobs

Starting today, a public schools teachers' advocacy organization is holding a series of meetings to raise awareness of the potential layoff of thousands of city teachers.

almost 7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

West Side group envisions new Austin High

West Side residents envision separate buildings for an Austin college-prep school plus other schools specializing in green technology, trade courses and cultural art.

almost 7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

New Austin high school focus of meeting

The Austin community is rallying to get a new high school built in the neighborhood. Too many of the teen there are transported to high schools miles out away from home, parents and advocates say

almost 7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Skinner gets a new building, and more students

Skinner Elementary School will be relocated and, Board of Education officials say, improved. But a group of parents are against the plan, scheduled to be implemented in the fall.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Social Justice planners still focusing on 2010 opening

The proposal for a gay friendly high school in Chicago has been yanked off the table for fine-tuning, but its packers say they will push forward despite criticism from some of the public and politicians.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Social Justice school on Board of Ed agenda

Chicago Board of Education to vote on plan that would create a gay friendly high school and four other new high schools in the city. If approved tomorrow, the school would open in 2010.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Three schools elect new local councils

Candidates win seats in hard-fought elections for their local public school councils. A hearing officer recommended new elections after voting in April led to disputes.

7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Officials hope education on Obama's priority list

Public education officials say Barack Obama's ascent to president could translate into more much-needed funding for schools. However, the new president will also have to fix the economy.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Students create pilot project to battle dropout problem

Voices of Youth in Chicago Education works with Chicago Public Schools officials to develop personalized, four-year graduation plans for potential dropouts.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker