NEWS articles

Basement apartment burglarized

Thieves take jewelry worth $32,000

over 7 years ago | Carrie Topolinski

Woman tied up and robbed

Robber asked for a pen, forced his way into apartment

over 7 years ago | Carrie Topolinski

Man stabbed in shoulder in attack

Masked attacker's motive unclear

over 7 years ago | Carrie Topolinski

Rogers Park mugging foiled

Three arrested, released

over 7 years ago | Geoff Wallin

Barber's display a public reminder of war's cost

Soldiers' pictures a tribute to sacrifice

over 7 years ago | Sarah Arkin

Cheetah Gym abruptly closes

Owner claims theft killed business

almost 8 years ago | Sarah Arkin

North Siders drawing lines in the sand over Lake Michigan plan

Group pushes for public access to lakefront

almost 8 years ago | Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan

An eye in the sky

Surveillance cameras not just for the cops these days

almost 9 years ago | MEGHAN STREIT