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State council proposes plan to help dropout rate

A state task force wants to tackle the daunting problem of high school drop outs by creating a couple of new programs and spending more money on existing ones.

7 years ago | Craig Kanalley

Loss of grant affects 220 city colleges students

City college women who benefited from a grant program for domestic violence victims will have to find new tuition funding because the program is being phased out.

7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Court to weigh in on city schools' deseg efforts

A federal court hearing could decide the future of the Chicago public schools' 28-year integration efforts. Community members say the schools have a long way to go and are preparing formal objections.

7 years ago | Megan Cottrell

UNO school expansion on Board of Ed agenda

A pros and cons of a proposal by the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) to add a school campus will be considered Wednesday by the Chicago Board of Education.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Organization gets kids excited about politics

Mikva Challenge gets high schoolers engaged and involved in politics. This year, some 1,800 kids will assist at polling places across the city - and those who can vote say they will cast ballots.

7 years ago | Craig Kanalley

Truman students face construction headaches

Some Truman College students are grumbling about the inconvenience of construction on campus. Officials, however, say they devised a plan that will not adversely affect the community at large.

7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Duncan urges income tax hike

The amount of funding the state provides to Chicago Public Schools has been a constant issue this year and led to a school boycott. Schools chief Arne Duncan is asking state lawmakers to hike income taxes to provide more education funds.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

Packed house enthusiastic about gay friendly school

More than 200 people packed a North Side meeting room to voice their mostly positive opinions on a proposed public high school catering to gay, bisexual and transgender students.

7 years ago | Kimberly Michaelson

Warrant issued in Bell School attack

Police name a suspect in connection with an attack on a woman near an elementary school in North Center. Parents met with school officials and cops to learn more about the case and talk safety tips.

7 years ago | Megan Cottrell

CPS to hold hearing on gay friendly school

The proposed high school would provide a supportive environment for gay, bisexual and transgender students, officials say. Supporters hope to open the school by September 2010.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

City students show ISAT gains

Standardized test scores at city elementary schools rose for the seventh consecutive year and hit “historical” levels never seen before. CPS still lags behind students elsewhere in Illinois.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

New Loyola office tries to boost community relations

Loyola University has created a program to reduce tensions between students looking for a good time and mature neighborhood residents.

7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Columbia College buys land for production facility

Columbia College purchases a piece of property that will eventually be home to a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art sound stage and production building.

7 years ago | Peter Sachs

City colleges face $40 million budget gap

The City Colleges of Chicago could be more than $40 million in the red by 2012 as state funding sags and expenses keep mounting, district officials say.

7 years ago | Peter Sachs

School boycotters say message was delivered

As CPS held its first day of classes, about 1,000 students boycotted to protest education funding. They attempted to register in the suburban New Trier district, which is better funded.

7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker and Rose Kasinecz