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Drug disposal study approved

The MWRD's Board of Commissioners voted this morning to fund a University of Illinois-Chicago study to find out how people throw away their unused medications.

over 7 years ago | Steven Chaitman

Rodent problems force closure of Lincoln Park grocery store

City public health inspectors close a Whole Foods grocery outlet in Lincoln Park after finding evidence of mice infestation. Store officials hope to reopen by Friday.

over 7 years ago | Paul D. Bowker

MWRD eyes study on drugs in water

The $150,000 survey, would be conducted by the University of Illinois-Chicago. It will ask what drugs Chicagoans are throwing away, and if they're doing so by flushing them down the toilet.

over 7 years ago | Steven Chaitman

Parks group pushing Montrose soccer field

Protect Our Parks is threatening continued legal action unless the Chicago Park District scraps plans for a soccer field at the south end of Lincoln Park and instead builds at Montrose Harbor.

over 7 years ago | Steven Chaitman

Humboldt Park students explore Puerto Rico's past

A Newberry Library exhibit examines Puerto Rican history through the eyes of conquistadors, explorers,industrialists, and imperialists. The exhibit was curated by high school students.

over 7 years ago | Ben Broeren

Chicago lawyer is city's new human resources commissioner

Labor and employment lawyer Homero Tristan was announced as the new commissioner of human resources at a press conference held by Mayor Richard M. Daley.

over 7 years ago | Shannon McGee

River North bank robbed

over 7 years ago | Shannon McGee

Licensing ordinance off the table for now

A controversial proposal to require event promoters to obtain costly licenses has been tabled for further deliberations. A musical protest in front of City Hall will take place as planned, however.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Italian spring comes to Chicago

The Italian Culture Institute of Chicago has lined up a season's worth of offerings for Chicago residents craving a little bit of primavera.

over 7 years ago | Giulia Donati and Laura Elia

City's plan to combat congestion draws mixed reviews

The city wants more drivers going downtown to leave their cars at home. A proposal to combine higher parking prices with rapid transit buses drew both applause and concern.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Navy Pier orders up a Bud Light

A two-year deal with Anheuser-Busch will earn Navy Pier $225,000 for naming Bud Light its official beer.

over 7 years ago | Sylvia V. Falkowski

New program reconnects neighborhoods to transit

The city and the RTA plan to improve and expand public transportation in three neighborhoods near downtown. They hope to undo the effect of decades-old policies that isolated public housing residents from the rest of the city.

over 7 years ago | Claire Bushey

Chicago to turn off the lights

The city will darken its famous skyline Saturday as part of a global effort to raise awareness about climate change and demonstrate a commitment to finding a solution.

over 7 years ago | Natasha Eziquiel-Shriro

A new slogan for Navy Pier

Navy Pier hopes to capitalize on tourism related to Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid. The slogan was developed by Two By Four, an ad agency that has worked with the Chicago White Sox.

over 7 years ago | Kwame Shorter

Latin School field opponents vow legal action

The group claims the Park District violated open-meeting laws and its own construction guidelines to build a field on public land within Lincoln Park.

over 7 years ago | Kimberly Michaelson