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Higher Ed Roundup: Twitter and town halls

6 years ago | Peter Sachs

What works for Chicago's homeless? What doesn't?

A yearlong study is under way to find out what works and what doesn't in the effort to help homeless Chicagoans find places to live and work.

over 6 years ago | Jennifer Fernicola

Union rejects U of C hospital contract

over 6 years ago | Adeshina O. Emmanuel Jr.

U of C hospital workers face contract decision

The 1,400 members of Teamsters Local 743 work as clerical, service and maintenance workers at the hospitals. The union is recommending that they vote against a contract proposal.

over 6 years ago | Adeshina O. Emmanuel Jr.

U of C prof awarded Medal of Freedom

Professor Janet Rowley is a groundbreaking human geneticist who focuses on cancer research. She is among 16 winners of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

over 6 years ago | Adeshina O. Emmanuel Jr.

Academic graffiti

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Report: Charity care rising at Illinois hospitals

Nonprofit hospitals in Chicago contributed more than $700 million in community benefits, including charity care, according to an Illinois Hospital Association report. But experts says more charity care is needed.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Endowments take a hit, but students won’t notice much difference

Endowments have plunged by 25 percent or more at many Chicago-area schools. Some are putting construction projects on hold and finding ways to put more money into their endowments.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

U. of C. researcher wins $500,000 prize for cancer research

Dr. Janet Rowley made the discovery nearly 40 years ago that mutations in certain chromosomes helped cancer cells grow and spread. That changed how scientists thought about cancer and led to new treatments.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Protestors call on U of C to keep clinic open

As the closure of a popular South Side women's clinic looms, opponents of the University of Chicago's plan to close the facility gave a list of demands to UC President Robert Zimmer.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Activists blast U of C on charity care

Critics at a community meeting also raised concerns about the university's plan to close a women's clinic, and accused the U of C hospitals of dumping poor patients.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Rush calls for investigation at U of C for patient dumping allegations

U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush hopes Congress will investigate allegations of patient dumping at the University of Chicago Medical Center. The university denies patient dumping occurs.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Protestors rally against U of C women's clinic closure

About 20 protesters gathered at a University of Chicago health clinic on the South Side, protesting its imminent closure. They complain the university is pushing away poor, black and elderly patients. The university says it cannot afford to keep the center open.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Tight economy forcing hospitals to make tough decisions

The economic downturn is forcing hospitals in Chicago and across the country to take a close look at what works and what doesn't, and has led to the decision here to close several community clinics. That's putting a strain on smaller clinics, which now see more patients.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker