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U of C paper sparks uproar after retracting controversial column

The student newspaper at the University of Chicago retracted parts of a student's column last week when some students complained that it was offensive and sexist. But that move to reverse course upset many other students.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Group says U of C 'censored' student's Facebook album

The photo album, apparently posted in revenge against an ex-girlfriend, included harsh comments. The University of Chicago asked the student who posted the album to remove references to his ex-girlfriend. But comments about her remain on the Web page.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Students push changes to sexual assault policies

At Loyola University Chicago and the University of Chicago, students are the ones pushing to improve sexual assault policies. Changes are coming this fall at both campuses.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Business programs at area grad schools are top-ranked

Northwestern and the University of Chicago have two of the best MBA programs in the nation, according to recent rankings. DePaul's part-time MBA ranks in the top 10 as well.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

DePaul offers dorms for use during Olympic Games

DePaul has signed a letter of intent to rent out 1,400 dorm rooms. The University of Chicago also is in talks with the Chicago 2016 Olympic committee but hasn't made firm plans yet.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Audit finds U of C hospital violated federal law when patient died

State health department investigators found the University of Chicago Medical Center violated a federal law requiring hospitals to treat and stabilize patients who come for emergency treatment.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

U of C team headed to world programming competition

A three-student University of Chicago computer science team will compete for top honors in an international competition in Sweden next month. The annual event is sponsored by IBM.

over 6 years ago | Peter Sachs

Controversial Westboro church plans U of C protests

The Westboro Baptist Church has scheduled three protests at and near the University of Chicago next month over what it sees as evils at the school and the Chicago Theological Seminary.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Stimulus bill could boost Pell Grants

Thousands of college students in Chicago receive Pell Grants, which could increase as part of a massive economic stimulus bill Congress is considering.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Campus crime figures don't tell the whole story

A national database provides some information about campus crime, but it is far from perfect, experts and critics agree. Kids attending Chicago colleges say they feel safe.

almost 7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Debate over economics think tank continues at University of Chicago

Some at the University of Chicago are calling for the renaming of the The Milton Friedman Institute. They say he ushered in a second Gilded Age of greed and excess now unraveling the economy.

7 years ago | Peter Sachs

Exhibit spotlights war's cultural losses

A new museum exhibit highlights an often overlooked consequence of the Iraq war: the looting and destruction of cultural artifacts.

over 7 years ago | Robert O'Connor

Cocktail party is a work of art

Clay and conversation fly as Hyde Park plays host to a very creative cocktail party.

over 7 years ago | Viqi French

School board to consider attendance boundaries

Charter school renewal also on agenda

almost 8 years ago | Paul D. Bowker