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Cutting the grass: New exhibit explores lawn alternatives

A new exhibit opening Friday at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is designed to give people a whole new perspective on their relationship with the front yard.

over 7 years ago | Erick Ward

City Council passes plastic bag recycling law

Chicago grocery and drug stores will be required to collect and recycle plastic bags under an ordinance approved by City Council members yesterday.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Recycling advocates pan city's plastic bag law

Chicago moves one step closer to requiring grocery and drug stores to recycle plastic bags. Some suggest the law may impose hardships on small stores while letting large retailers off the hook.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Recycling proposal up for consideration

City officials appear to have reached an agreement on a ordinance requiring retailers to recycle plastic bags. The measure is scheduled for a committee hearing today.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Water District eyes river swimming survey

The district may survey Cook County residents to see if they'd like to take a dip in local waterways. The district would have to disinfect effluent from its plants to improve water quality.

over 7 years ago | Karen Shoffner

City ordinance takes aim at metal theft

Officials hope a better paper trail will allow police officers to track down thieves by cross-checking reports of stolen items with sales transactions at recycling facilities.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Chicago to turn off the lights

The city will darken its famous skyline Saturday as part of a global effort to raise awareness about climate change and demonstrate a commitment to finding a solution.

over 7 years ago | Natasha Eziquiel-Shriro

Report highlights transit impacts

The CTA saves consumers $474 million in gas expenses and reduces carbon emissions by 1.3 million tons, a report says. Transit supporters are urging increased state funding.

over 7 years ago | Jessica Pupovac

CTA column is tops

over 7 years ago | Lou Grant

Committee okays ban on tiny plastic bags

Alderman Walter Burnette was concerned that the ordinance could end up punishing people who used the bags for legitimate purposes. Police say they plan to crack down on businesses that sell the bags.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

New public buildings chief brings environmental know-how to job

Mayor Richard M. Daley today appointed a construction manager with a background in environmentally friendly design to head the Public Building Commission.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Red Eye heavier than Sun-Times

almost 8 years ago | Lou Grant

Opponents squawk over chicken ordinance

Proposal bans live poultry in some areas

almost 8 years ago | Jennifer Slosar