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Citizen's group grooms diverse crew for political action

Public Action for Change Today is working to seed state boards and commissions with a younger, more diverse bunch of engaged citizens. The group hopes the effort will lead to political reform.

over 6 years ago | Adeshina O. Emmanuel Jr.

Local agencies weigh "frightening" budget scenarios

Chicago's human service agencies anxiously await a vote on an income tax hike in Springfield, which could prove to have devastating consequences in the city and state.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Judges weigh whether to overturn 2007 alderman's election

Alderman Danny Solis won the 25th Ward seat by a slim margin after the Illinois Supreme Court disqualified an opponent. Some voters say they were disenfranchised.

over 6 years ago | Samantha Liss and Adrian G. Uribarri

@tonyperaica, the Twittering comissioner, provides look inside government

Commissioner Tony Peraica says Twitter is helping transform Cook County politics. He uses the service to provide a minute-by-minute look at county proceedings -- and to lash out at political opponents.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Commissioners: Delay controversial health purchasing vote

Two Cook County commissioners say the state's attorney is reviewing a possible procurement deal by the Cook County Health and Hospital System to see if it violates the county's purchasing code.

over 6 years ago | Alex Parker

Plan Commission snubs Congress Hotel workers

Striking workers hoped to speak against a rumored lawsuit settlement between the city and hotel. Commissioners declined to hear from the approximately 60 workers, union representatives and sympathizers.

almost 7 years ago | Claire Bushey

MWRD resignation raises possibility of another Blago appointment

Patricia Young resigned her seat on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s board. Her replacement will be named by the governor.

almost 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

Cochran outlines goals for the new year

Alderman William B. Cochran (D-20) is preparing for the new year by devising plans for afforable housing and improving public safety. He is a former Chicago police officer.

almost 7 years ago | Kimberly Lyles

Aldermen threaten to pull city money from Bank of America

Chicago aldermen are threatening to pull city money from Bank of America accounts in the wake of the battle between a local company and ousted workers over financing and back pay.

almost 7 years ago | Megan Cottrell

"Chicago 10" showcase mulls over controversy

Area residents can go to the Chicago Cultural Center to watch and discuss the film "Chicago 10," which deals with a tumultuous time in Chicago and American history. The event is scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday.

7 years ago | Raven Moore

Organization gets kids excited about politics

Mikva Challenge gets high schoolers engaged and involved in politics. This year, some 1,800 kids will assist at polling places across the city - and those who can vote say they will cast ballots.

7 years ago | Craig Kanalley

Only in Cook: Highest bidder wins contract

A $298,000 parking-lot contract goes to the firm with the highest price tag and the longest list of campaign contributions. County commissioners say the company was more experienced than competitors.

7 years ago | Paul Rock

Critics: Licensing proposal would quash local music

The ordinance would require anyone who promotes an event drawing more than 100 people to obtain a two-year license at a cost ranging from $500 to $2000. Bands and community groups would have to pay.

over 7 years ago | Jennifer Slosar

17th ward alderman says Englewood gets a bad rap

Alderman Latasha Thomas says the South Side neighborhood she represents takes an undeserved beating in the press as a place where only crime and poverty make the headlines.

over 7 years ago | Marcie Hill

Campaign manager lashes out at political opponents

Charges of racism in water district campaign

almost 8 years ago | Andrew Peck