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Health system budget could be trimmed by 20 percent

The Cook County hospital system could boost its 2010 revenue by as much as $60 million, but still faces county budget cuts of up to $52 million. That's because a sales-tax rollback may cut spending county-wide.

5 years ago | Alex Parker

CPS' Fail Whale Twitter strategy

5 years ago | Alex Parker

Smoking ban to extend to county hospitals

Following the lead of the city, smoking will be banned at all Cook County Health and Hospital System facilities starting in November.

5 years ago | Alex Parker

Some questions for Jones and Stroger

5 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

Daley knocks WYCC videos

5 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

CPS announces back-to-school push with a twist

5 years ago | Geoff Dougherty

Exclusive: WYCC political videos spark investigation, lawsuit

Former City Colleges chancellor Watson is accused of directing PBS station WYCC to produce videos highlighting powerful politicians and friends. The programs could violate state and federal grant rules.

5 years ago | Peter Sachs

@tonyperaica, the Twittering comissioner, provides look inside government

Commissioner Tony Peraica says Twitter is helping transform Cook County politics. He uses the service to provide a minute-by-minute look at county proceedings -- and to lash out at political opponents.

5 years ago | Alex Parker

Stroger defends veto, decries political "grandstanding"

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger says he supports health care in the county, and will continue to push for a gradual rollback of the county sales tax. Supporters criticized commissioners for trading health care for political points.

over 5 years ago | Alex Parker

Whether it's politics or not, threat to close hospitals is worrisome

If two county hospitals close due to a budget crunch, a flood of new patients could overwhelm other providers, and poor patients could miss out on important diagnoses, experts say.

over 5 years ago | Alex Parker

County tax cut could close hospitals, clinics

Provident and Oak Forest hospitals could close if Cook County commissioners win the battle to repeal the county's 1 percent sales tax increase. A Stroger spokesman says it would be "damaging" to the county.

over 5 years ago | Alex Parker

Public Defender can dictate staff, judge says

A state appeals court has put a halt to Cook County Board President Todd H. Stroger's efforts to trim his budget by laying off public defenders.

over 5 years ago | Fernando Diaz

Tax repeal proposal fails

A proposal by Commissioner Tony Peraica to reverse the county's 1 percent sales tax fails by a 10-7 vote with some of Peraica's colleagues accusing him of political grandstanding.

6 years ago | Paul Rock

County to borrow against sales taxes

County commissioners narrowly approve a plan to take out a short term loan against a sales tax increase that won't start flowing into county coffers until July 1.

6 years ago | Paul Rock